Changing Jobs

The COVID-19 pandemic across the UK and world has meant many people across our sector have had to revaluate their working position, even if they haven't wanted to or felt as if it's the "right" time to start a new job hunt. It may be daunting to have to look for new opportunities during a global crisis, but there are still many opportunities for moving on, moving up and engaging in further training and study.


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Own what you are good at

Take the time to look back through your career and seek out those moments that have brought you joy and satisfaction in your work. Identify what really matters to you in where you work and how you work - what are the values that you are naturally motivated towards? Be honest about the skills and strengths you have.

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Your best foot forward

The outdoor sector has a wide range of full-time, part role and voluntary opportunities and you can make your own career path in the outdoors and move upwards, sideways and all ways to keep your career moving forward. What areas of outdoor learning do you have experience in? Where are your interests and energy?

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Jump into something new

We know many employers highly value the transferable work skills (like planning, motivating others, communicating, taking responsibility, can-do attitude, etc.) that people from outdoor learning bring to new careers. We would be sad to see you go, but we do know that the experiences and positive impact you have had on other peoples lives can last a lifetime. The world is your oyster, however some possibilities are teaching, lecturing, leisure & recreation management, paramedic or joining the uniformed services.

Can I work for myself? Absolutely. Many people work freelance and some run their own business providing outdoor learning experiences direct to clients on a part-time or full-time basis.

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Is now the time?

Further education or training can be a fantastic way to follow your passion and academic interest in a subject and stand out to potential employers. Whether it's an instructing, coaching or guiding award, or a professional qualification, an undergraduate, masters or doctorate, continuing your study and learning can be a rewarding investment that opens new career options.

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Handling Change

Sometimes being on the receiving end of major change such as mergers, redundancies, re-structuring or new working practices can push people into finding a new career or job. Each person will react differently according to their own situation and emotions and thoughts might include relief, resentment, or disappointment as well as motivation, freedom and empowerment. Take the time you need to plan your next moves starting with some of the sources of guidance and advice below.

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