Outdoor Learning & Youth Work

Outdoor Learning and Youth Work play a vital role in supporting the holistic development of young people.  By providing a cross-sector convening space, the Outdoor Learning Youth Work Sector Specialist Group (OLYWSSG) will act as a forum for organisations and individuals at a strategic level to identify areas for collaboration and at both a strategic and practitioner level share and build on existing good practice.  
Outdoor Learning Youth Work Sector Specialist Group (OLYWSSG) members will be encouraged to openly discuss common practices and challenges, to champion the development of recognised approach(es) that use outdoor learning and youth work practices.  Through subsequent partnerships and collaborations, we will be able to build a better picture of what is happening from a cross-sector audience that ultimately will deliver better outcomes for young people and help improve equitable access.  

Membership can be outdoor learning or youth work practitioners,  decision makers or representatives from stakeholders’ organisations/sectors, for example education or health who have a common purpose; To collectively work towards an environment where 'outdoor learning youth work practice' becomes fully recognised and is utilised as a valuable part of the ecosystem that develops young people’, to promote equitable access to outdoor learning experiences that support young people with their personal, social, and educational development and helps to improve wellbeing.

Free to IOL members and Concessionary Rate for Youth Worker/Other Sector professionals.


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About Us

Collectively working towards an environment where 'outdoor learning youth work practice' becomes fully recognised


Networking & Events

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Who will benefit?

  • Young people
  • Outdoor Learning and Youth Work practitioners
  • Local communities and wider Society by utilising local resources at a more strategic and operational level when working in a young person’s local environment.
  • Leaders and managers across multiple sectors
  • IOL as leaders in this arena

How will they benefit?

  • Better strategic approaches to problems
  • Good practice 
  • Better use of resources 
  • Better youth engagement with outdoor learning
  • Better recognition 
  • Better opportunities to access multi organisation funding: 
  • Better cross sector working for Young People


  • Better positive outcomes for young people
  • Improved Practitioner Practice
  • Better ross sector integration and partnership working


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