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Introduction to Outdoor Retail

The purpose of the ‘Introduction to Outdoor Retail’ project is to provide an entry level of training for outdoor retail staff for those working in their first retail role, or those who wish to progress in their retail career.


Keeping people safe in the Outdoors

Evidencing the practice that keeps people safe in the outdoors

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Bushcraft Awards

Coming Soon...

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HQOL New for 2024

The High Quality Outdoor Learning guide clearly outlines the benefits of working in the natural world, to help you evaluate and then set about improving, the quality of outdoor learning.


Global Outdoor Learning Day

Organised by the Institute for Outdoor Learning, Global Outdoor Learning Day brings together educators, organisations, and individuals globally, to acknowledge and promote the benefits of outdoor learning. It promotes the belief that learning in natural environments contributes significantly to physical well-being, mental health and a deeper understanding of the world around us.

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Nature on the IOL Board

The IOL Trustees agreed in February 2024 that as a charity we are required to go beyond the activities that simply avoid harm to Nature and work towards a net-positive approach and integrated sustainable action.  Currently the IOL Trustees are working on a project to create its own exemplar model of ‘Nature on the Board’.

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2023 Conference Report and the Upcoming 2025 Conference

We are now working on the IOL Online Conference 2025. Take a look at our 2023 Conference. Developing, sharing and envisaging standards in Outdoor Learning that will make a positive difference now, and in the future.


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