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Who can write an article for Horizons?

If you are part of the Outdoor Learning community you are welcome to submit your stories, no matter whether you are starting out, mid-career, or a veteran with a wealth of experience: we all have something valuable to contribute. The very best people to write articles for Outdoor Learning professionals are Outdoor Learning professionals, so please don’t worry if writing an article is outside of your comfort zone as we’re most interested in how your article can support or inspire Horizons readers.

Why should you write an article?

If we are all generous in sharing our good practice, bright ideas and insights, our personal practice benefits, our participants benefit and our Outdoor Learning community benefits.

Writing an article for Horizons is one way to influence the future of Outdoor Learning. Your article will be distributed far and wide, reaching Outdoor Learning professionals with a variety of specialisms. Your article will also be added to our archive- available for future generations to reflect, and build upon your good practice.

Get some article inspiration

To help you get inspired, have a look at some of our regular features:

  • ‘How to…’ articles. Have you got any practical tips which will help others develop their own practice? We are looking for ‘step by step’ information on everything from mountain bike drills, knot tying, and risk assessments, to pond dipping and outdoor art.
  • ‘The inside story’. Have you tried and tested something in your own practice which has worked well? Has your organisation made changes which have improved good practice? Have you overcome a challenge which has led to improvements to your practice? How have you used Outdoor Learning to help participants manage/ overcome their social, emotional and behavioural needs?
  • ‘Thinking ahead’. What’s your opinion on the future of Outdoor Learning? What challenges do practitioners and organisations face? How will our ideas of good practice need to evolve? What can we learn from sharing good practice between different countries and regions?
  • ‘Past times’. Has the Outdoor Learning community lost sight of something important from past practice? How has your practice changed over the years? What lessons have you learnt?
  • ‘Scanning the horizon’. Have you got any news snippets which might be useful to our members? These could be useful resources, summaries of research, brief examples of good practice, or extending discussions from articles in previous issues.

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