IOL Resource Accreditation

A quality mark for resources that can support effective outdoor learning.

Resource accreditation with the Institute for Outdoor Learning assists instructors, teachers, leaders, managers and the general public in identifying quality resources that are relevant to outdoor learning.


  • Demonstrate the value of your resource for outdoor learning
  • Publicise to our mailing list of instructors, teachers, leaders, educators and managers
  • Share your resource - with our 10,100 social media contacts, and beyond
  • Stand out - be one of a select number of resources aligned to quality standards and able to display the IOL Accredited Resource mark
  • List your resource on our website - we receive over 300,000 visits every year
  • Get support - to develop your resource and make improvements
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Resource accreditation is open to all Organisation members of IOL

We welcome applications for all types of resource that include an instruction guide, booklet or scheme of work with suggestions for use in outdoor learning. IOL is not seeking to accredit published books. We will accredit schemes, products, guides, workbooks and other resources relevant to outdoor learning professionals.

Resource accreditation helps IOL to support high-quality outdoor learning. It can be in addition to, or independent of, other accreditations.

All accredited resources must meet each the resource accreditation quality criteria.


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To Apply for Resource Accreditation

The IOL Resource Accreditation was launched March 2019. We are welcoming applications whilst we are in a PILOT PHASE of the process. We will give you plenty of support and guidance to complete you application as you help us evaluate and refine our systems and processes.


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To begin the process download the information packs below or contact the IOL central office. Discounts available for applications for accreditation of three or more resources at one time.



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