IOL Statements of Good Practice

One of the missions of the Institute for Outdoor Learning is to recognise and improve the quality of outdoor learning in the UK. IOL Statements of Good Practice describe key principles, resources and expectations of outdoor learning professionals in a particular subject area.

IOL co-ordinates Statements of Good Practice where it is deemed beneficial to the sector as a whole, is something that is supported by and supportive of, our members and no other relevant guidance exists.


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IOL Position Statements

IOL position statements give the Institutes view in a particular area related to Outdoor Learning and clarifies expectations and requirements of members. The web pages provide links to a range of resources and further information.

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IOL Code of Professional Conduct 

The standards of behaviour agreed to and upheld by members of the Institute as they cultivate and promote the special values and importance of outdoor learning experiences.

IOL Code of Conduct Policy Document


Outdoor Learning Occupational Standards

Outdoor Learning Occupational Standards support career pathways and are the reference point for training and awarding organisations to align with the skills and knowledge and behaviours required by employers in a particular role.

Governing Bodies of Sport

A National Governing Body (NGB in England, Northern Ireland and Wales) and Scottish Governing Body (SGB) governs and administers a sport on a national basis - including the setting of standards of instructor/coach training and scope of practice.

The Training and Education Guide


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