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Get recognised for your experience and be confident that your knowledge, skills and training is benchmarked at a level matched to other professions.

2 - Valued

Demonstrate the value you bring as an Outdoor Learning Professional to participants, customers, employers and stakeholders.

3 - Supported

Help us to help you – having a community of Professionals in Outdoor Learning supports IOL towards becoming a Chartered Institute.


To recognise training and experience in any area of outdoor learning


Associate Professionals in Outdoor Learning

Have at least one years' experience delivering outdoor learning sessions plus relevant qualifications at RQF/CQFW Level 3 / SQCF Level 6 or higher

Professionals in Outdoor Learning

Have at least five years' experience in a position of responsibility plus relevant qualifications at RQF/CQFW Level 5 / SQCF Level 8 or higher

APPLY FOR FREE if you are a current member of the Institute for Outdoor Learning (IOL), the Association of Heads of Outdoor Education Centres (AHOEC) or the Outdoor Education Advisors Panel (OEAP).


To recognise your values, understanding and leadership approach


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RPIOL holders plan, prepare and lead safe and engaging outdoor learning sessions to achieve planned outcomes

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APIOL holders design, facilitate and evaluate purposeful outdoor learning programmes with individuals and groups

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LPIOL holders influence and shape outdoor learning practice with a strategic focus at a regional or national level


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