IOL Course Accreditation

Accrediting CPD, training or educational courses designed for Outdoor Learning professionals.

Course accreditation with the Institute for Outdoor Learning assists instructors, teachers, leaders and managers of Outdoor Learning in identifying quality courses that are relevant to their needs. It helps providers demonstrate their CPD event, FE/HE course, or staff training programme is well designed, and fit for outdoor learning professionals.


  • Demonstrate the value of your course for outdoor learning professionals
  • Show your commitment to good practice and quality assurance
  • Publicise to our mailing list of instructors, teachers, leaders, educators and managers
  • Share your resource - with our 10,100 social media contacts, and beyond
  • Stand out - be one of a select number of courses aligned to quality standards and able to display the IOL Accredited Course badge
  • List your course on our website - we receive over 300,000 visits every year
  • Get support - use the accreditation process as a staff professional development opportunity and make improvements to your course
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Course accreditation helps IOL to promote a professional sector, uphold or improve standards, and support members who are following the 7 Steps to CPD to add value in their work. All accredited courses must meet each of the 57 IOL quality of training criteria.


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IOL Accredited CPD Courses

Designed for EXISTING instructors, teachers or leaders to broaden or further develop their competence.


IOL Accredited Bushcraft Competency Certificate (BCC) Training Courses


IOL Accredited Training Courses

Designed for ASPIRANT or NEW outdoor learning instructors, teachers or leaders.


IOL Accredited Educational Courses

FE, HE, degree or masters courses or similar) that are typically over 12 months or longer.



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