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IOL sets standards and collaborates with many organisations to improve the quality of Outdoor Learning in the UK.


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IOL Awards and Accreditation

Accrediting Quality in Outdoor Learning. The offers: professional recognition for individuals, organisations and quality assurance for courses

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IOL Professional Standards

The IOL Professional Standards describes a number of aligned standards, structures, policies, awards, guidance notes, etc. all created with the goal of strengthening public confidence in the professional status of our workforce. Consultations and developments over the past few years have been across many areas - follow the links below to find out more about each element of professional standards.

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Environmental Standards

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Collective Knowledge

Here you will find research and reference documents, proven practice and teaching resources. Also included are award schemes for young people to recognise their skill acquisition and personal achievements in outdoor Learning.

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Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning

The Journal is a peer reviewed journal based in the UK with an international review board. It was first published in 2000.

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