IOL Professional Standards

The IOL Professional Standards describes a number of aligned standards, structures, policies, awards, guidance notes, etc. all created with the goal of strengthening public confidence in the professional status of our workforce. Consultations and developments over the past few years have been across many areas - follow the links below to find out more about each element of professional standards.


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Members' Code of Conduct

The purpose of this code is to set out the standards of behaviour agreed to and upheld by members of the Institute as they cultivate and promote the special values and importance of outdoor learning experiences.


IOL Statements of Good Practice

One of the missions of the Institute for Outdoor Learning is to recognise and improve the quality of outdoor learning in the UK. IOL Statements of Good Practice describe key principles, resources and expectations of outdoor learning professionals in a particular subject area.

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Occupational Standards

IOL is the professional development body for the UK’s outdoor learning sector, committed to supporting, developing and ensuring professionals and organisations are acknowledged for contributing valuable cultural, community and educational assets for the UK.

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Equality, Diversity, Inclusion

High quality outdoor learning can be achieved through respecting and promoting the rights, responsibilities and dignity of individuals within all our professional activities and recognising the value of every person.


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