IOL Coaches and Assessors

IOL Coaches and Assessors support candidates to achieve their goal of being Accredited by the Institute for Outdoor Learning and hold an RPIOL, APIOL or LPIOL award.

IOL Coaches support people to reflect on their practice, values, approach and aspirations as a practitioner of outdoor learning. Being able to talk confidentially with an IOL Coach is often one of the most highly valued parts of the IOL Accreditation process. Working with a coach will help you reflect on your practice, values and approach, and plan your career aspirations and next steps.
IOL Assessors provide a vital role in engaging candidates in a professional discussion that allows them to bring their application to life.They · explore the candidates key experiences, influences, knowledge, skills, attitude and approach and ensure that they have provided evidence that they meet all of the RPIOL/APIOL/LPIOL criteria.


Acting as an IOL Coach or IOL Assessor is predominately a voluntary role and is a valuable CPD opportunity to give back to the Institute and support professionalism across the sector.



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