IOL Accredited CPD & Training Courses

IOL Course Accreditation is an external, professional, quality assurance process.

The following courses have demonstrated meeting the IOL Quality of Training Criteria:

  • Demand or need for the course by instructors, teachers or leaders
  • Clear aim, measurable learning outcomes and assessment for learning
  • Trainers are skilled and knowledgeable in the subject and in teaching
  • Provider has professional and ethical codes in place
  • Supports professional standards in outdoor learning
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IOL Accredited Bushcraft Courses

Bushcraft Competency Award, Certificate and Diploma.

IOL Accredited Educational Courses

FE, HE, degree or masters courses or similar, that are typically over 12 months or longer.


Wiltshire Outdoor Learning Team

16 Hr Outdoor First Aid Course

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Woodland Survival Crafts

Sharp Tools Training

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