Outdoor Learning Youth Work - a new Special Interest Group - open to all

There are 14 million young people in the UK, only 4 million access youth work and we have no idea how many engage in outdoor learning. Both deliver life changing experiences for young people, so what if we all intentionally joined them together, and thoughtfully worked in partnership to amplify our message? What then would happen and what benefits would young people get from this as a purposeful approach?

Chaired by the outdoor learning team at UK Youth, the outdoor learning youth work special interest group (OLYWSIG), aims to convene a broad range of organisations and individuals working with young people, who use the outdoors as an intentional part of their practice and who meaningfully want to make a difference.

It offers a safe cross sector space where members who are interested in adopting this approach can join together to openly discuss practices and challenges and work collectively to champion the development of cross sector approach(es) that use the principles of both outdoor learning and youth work practice.

Working collaboratively, the OLYWSIG aims to.

1. Raise the profile of any agreed approach, and through cross-sector adoption and cooperation, make this a more attractive proposition for policymakers & funders.

2. Collaboratively discuss and develop standards and publish good practice between sectors to demonstrate partnership working, establish new training opportunities and support better consistency of approach.

3. Deliver better outcomes for young people, improve equitable access, and support better long term physical literacy.

Membership is aimed at experienced representatives of organisations who are committed to developing the quality and scale of outdoor learning and youth work practice and who want to work cross organisationally, or cross sector, to solve the problems we are trying to tackle, or passionate practitioners with experience in one or both areas of practice. To find out more please contact [email protected]

Book your place now and be part of our Special Interest Group to help get conversations going on the importance of Outdoor Learning and Youth Work for young people, or simply come along and find out more.

As OLYWSIG members you will be helping to enable more young people access outdoor learning experiences that support their personal, social, and educational development.

David  Watts

David Watts

Director of Outdoor Learning | UK Youth

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