Keeping people safe in the Outdoors

Evidencing the practice that keeps people safe in the outdoors

Its purpose is to provide structure and opportunities for mediating knowledge creation in activity safety within the UK outdoor adventure activities sector. It is seen that there is a need to draw together the knowledge within our diverse sector, providing some structure and opportunities to share and promote the practice and learnings within this area.

To achieve this aim, the project is using the following objectives;

  1. Collection
  2. Curation
  3. Communication

The first objective of collection, stems from our need to understand the current trends and issues within the sector. Phase 1, which has been completed, with a published report, is the trial of a sector wide incident reporting form.  This is to ensure the collection of relevant information for project outcomes, and that this form is appropriate for both the participants submitting data. This project is a joint project with the following organisations, 

  • University of Highlands and Islands | North, West & Hebrides,
  • Adventure Activities Industry Advisory Committee.
  • Institute for Outdoor Learning 




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