High Quality Outdoor Learning

Support for promoting, evaluating and improving High Quality Outdoor Learning

The High Quality Outdoor Learning guide clearly outlines the benefits of working in the natural world and has been written to help you evaluate and then set about improving, or further improving, the quality of outdoor learning. It is intended to:

  • Clearly outline the benefits and outcomes of high quality outdoor learning
  • Recognise and evaluate high quality outdoor learning
  • Focus on the delivery of high quality outdoor learning – what it looks like and how to achieve it


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 In support of this, ten key outcomes of outdoor learning have been identified with a range of indicators attributed to each one. These indicators can be used to support any improvement work, which will often be enhanced by working closely with partners.

  1. Enjoyment: enjoy participating and reflecting in outdoor activities and adopt a positive attitude to challenge and adventure
  2. Confidence and character: enhancing their overall well-being by gaining personal confidence and developing character and resilience through taking on challenges and achieving success
  3. Health and wellbeing: developing their self-awareness and social skills, and their appreciation of the contributions and achievements of themselves and of others
  4. Social and emotional awareness: are becoming alive to the natural local and global environment and understand the importance of conservation and sustainable development
  5. Environmental awareness: acquiring and developing a range of skills in outdoor activities, fieldwork, exploration, journeys and expedition
  6. Activity skills: demonstrating increased initiative and innovation, enthusiasm, curiosity, self-reliance, responsibility, perseverance, tenacity and commitment
  7. Personal qualities: developing and extending their key skills of communication, problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking, leadership and co-operation
  8. Skills for life: learning to appreciate the benefits of physical activity and the lifelong value of participation in healthy leisure activities and reflection
  9. Increased motivation and appetite for learning: displaying an increased motivation and appetite for self-directed learning that is contributing to raised levels of attainment in other aspects of their development, as well as becoming concerned, responsible and fulfilled citizens
  10. Broadened horizons: broadening their horizons and becoming open to a wider range of employment opportunities and life chances

Published by the English Outdoor Council, the guide is a valuable tool in training teachers, youth workers, instructors and other professionals as well as promoting the use of outdoor learning.

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Info! Please Note: Hard copies of High Quality Outdoor Learning are now Out of Print.


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