L2 Bushcraft Skills Award

An assessed award at RQF Level 2 / SCQF Level 5 covering practical and applied bushcraft skills and knowledge designed for pupils and other learners.

  • Covers a wide range of bushcraft subjects including shelters, fire, health and safety, tool use, drinking water, woodland trees, directions, natural string
  • Can be delivered by teachers, trainers, and instructors in formal or non-formal settings such as early years, schools, colleges, outdoor centres, education centres, wildlife trusts, national parks, etc.
  • Portfolio based independent assessment of learning at RQF Level 2 / SCQF Level 5 and certification by IOL Awards Centre.





Programme or Scheme of Work

Individual teachers/trainers can design a scheme of work (programme) to cover the required subject learning outcomes and suit their organisation and learners. A spiral curriculum design is encouraged to allow a logical progression in skills from the simplistic to the more complex and the ongoing reinforcement and application of knowledge.

  • Recommended contact time is 80 guided learning hours (GLH)
  • Able to fit in school term of 11/12 weeks or be spread out over one year
  • Recommended maximum duration is 18 months

Is The L2 Bushcraft Skills Award for your pupils or learners?

IOL does not set any entry requirements however providers should ensure that learners have the potential and opportunity to gain the award successfully. Providers should identify and make adequate provision for:

  • Confirming the award is relevant and appropriate for each learner
  • Assessing the existing experience and competence of the learners
  • Support and guidance learners may need whilst working towards the award

All courses must be approved in advance of course delivery to enable Quality Assurance activities to commence.


L2 Bushcraft Skills Award Process




Portfolio of Evidence and Independent Assessment

Over the course of the teaching/training learners will compile a portfolio of evidence that covers each learning outcome. Teachers/trainers must sign-off each piece of evidence within the portfolio and in doing so they are confirming that it is authentic, fair, valid, current, sufficient and reliable.

All learner portfolios will be assessed by an independent assessor. Independent Assessors will have sufficient, verifiable, relevant current experience, knowledge and understanding of Bushcraft at, or above, the level being assessed, and be able to demonstrate, current and relevant competence in assessing learning.

The IOL Bushcraft PPG will approve and maintain a list of independent assessors for the Bushcraft Skills Award. Assessors will be located throughout the UK and many will also be providers of IOL Approved Bushcraft Competency Certificate Training.


Approved Bushcraft Skills Award Providers

Approval as an IOL Awarding Centre able to deliver the Bushcraft Skills Award is free to suitably qualified members of IOL. Application form should be completed with details of your scheme of work, teacher/trainer cv, operating polices, insurance and locations to be used

Teachers/trainers delivering this award should have technical competence in bushcraft and credible, relevant experience of planning, delivering and assessing learning typically over a minimum period of 3 years. They must:

  • Be competent in planning, delivering and assessing learning at Level 2 (England, Wales and Northern Ireland), equivalent to SQCF Level 5 (Scotland)
  • Be competent in the bushcraft skills covered in this award
  • Hold a current IOL Band 2 or Band 3 Outdoor First Aid qualification
  • Be recognised as an Associate Professional in Outdoor Learning OR a Professional in Outdoor Learning
  • Be a member of the IOL Bushcraft PPG
  • Work within relevant insurance, policies and procedures covering health & safety; safeguarding; risk-benefit assessments; data protection; equality, diversity and inclusion; environmental sustainability



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