IOL Bushcraft Competency Assessors

Fair, consistent and reliable assessment against the standards is at the heart of the high quality and valued IOL Bushcraft Awards.


The IOL Bushcraft SSG approve and maintain the list of assessors for the Bushcraft Competency Awards. They have sufficient, verifiable, relevant current experience, knowledge and understanding of Bushcraft at, or above, the level being assessed. In addition, assessors are able to demonstrate, current and relevant competence in assessing learning at Level 3 (England, Wales and Northern Ireland), equivalent to SQCF Level 6 (Scotland).
The number of IOL Bushcraft Competency Assessors is demand led and follows the published process from the IOL Bushcraft SSG. Assessors are located throughout the UK and many will also be providers of IOL Approved Bushcraft Competency Award, Certificate or Diploma Training.



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The requirements and process for recognition as an IOL Bushcraft Competency Assessor is currently under review. Get in touch with the Bushcraft SSG Committee if you would like to know more or input into the process.


Bushcraft Assessor Framework


Info! Coming soon - A list of IOL Bushcraft Competency Assessors...


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