We will discuss how we work with the following points in Denmark and the Nordic countries:
  • physical education
  • nature education
  • outdoor learning
  • connectedness to nature
  • nature resilence
  • co-operation between associations and municipalities

There will be examples from everyday life followed by a panel debate.

The webinar hosts:

Anders V. Nielsen - Outdoor Consultant

Søren H. Andersen - Outdoor Consultant

Helle Fuglsang - Outdoor Consultant

Trine Broaard - Outdoor pre-school class leader

Anders is a trained primary school teacher and at Youth Education Programmes and has for many years worked with DGI - Voluntary Sports Association and is currently responsible for outdoor education in northern Denmark in DGI (Danish Gymnastics and Sports).

Søren is a trained landscaper, primary school teacher, bushcraft and serial entrepreneur within teambuilding and IT. Today he is responsible for outdoor education and practical skills for teachers and children in Aalborg Municipality.

Helle is a trained nature guide and physiotherapist and currently works with children and nature in DGI.

Trine is trained social educator, specialising in mentalisation. She use childrens yoga and mindfullness in her work with children´s self-regulation.

Who is it for:
Teachers, educators, managers, politicians and other professionals working with outdoor learning

Learning Outcomes
Insight into how you can also work with outdoor learning and at the same time focus on working with courage and life skills. In the light of 21st century skills.

Søren H. Andersen

Outdoor Consultant

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Trine Broaard

Outdoor Pre-School Class Leader

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Helle Fuglsang

Outdoor Consultant

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Anders V. Nielsen

Outdoor Consultant

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