About the webinar

An introduction to disability awareness, accessibility and inclusivity to increase your confidence in working with people of all abilities in the outdoors. During this practical workshop we will learn about the barriers to inclusion and participation, things you can do to ensure everyone can get involved in activities, and the right terminology to use – and what to avoid! You’ll go away with top tips for how to make your activities inclusive and accessible and increased confidence in talking about disabilities.

The webinar host

Sara Murray is Training, Research and Consultancy Manager at the Bendrigg Trust, an accessible outdoor centre that caters for all ages and all abilities. Sara is an experienced trainer and coach who has worked for over 20 years in the NHS and charitable sectors with people with long term conditions and disabilities.

Who is it for?

Practitioners and managers who want to increase their confidence in working with people for all abilities in the outdoors

Sara Murray

Sara Murray

Training, Research and Consultancy Manager, Bendrigg Trust

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