7 Steps to CPD

Developing your Outdoor Learning Practice

How to develop your outdoor learning practice


The IOL 7 Steps to CPD guide is designed to help outdoor instructors, teachers and leaders decide the next steps in their continuing professional development. It describes a general approach to CPD that is designed to support the needs of an NGB, your employer, IOL or yourself.

A Definition of CPD

“Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an on-going commitment to broadening or further developing competence in providing outdoor learning."

For instructors, teachers and leaders in the outdoors, competence is a combination of training, skills, experience and knowledge, and the ability to apply them and operate safely. Competence is both role and activity specific. Training or education is often central to the process of acquiring competence and moving between roles. CPD is the process of acquiring and applying new knowledge, skills or experience in a particular role or in preparation for a desired future role.



7 Steps to CPD


It is good practice across the sector for instructors, teachers and leaders in the outdoors to engage in a range of on-going CPD activities. CPD is recommended to achieve RPIOL, required to achieve APIOL, required to achieve LPIOL.


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