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OFA Trainer Questionnaire

IOL Guidance for Outdoor First Aid Trainer - Questionnaire

Outdoor First Aid - Questionnaire

The online assessment tests knowledge of the outdoor sector and application of First Aid knowledge and skills to outdoor learning scenarios where immediate help, shelter, equipment or facilities may not be readily available.

The Questions

The multiple-choice questionnaire consists of a number of questions in 5 categories:

  • Outdoor Sector Awareness and Knowledge Of Summoning Help and Likely Responses
  • Illness In Outdoor Activity Participants
  • Managing Unresponsive Casualties In Outdoor Situations
  • Managing Major Injury In Outdoor Situations
  • First Aid In The Outdoor Environment - Heat, Cold and Common Stings, Bites

Specifically, the questions cover the application of Emergency First Aid at Work syllabus in an outdoor setting, plus topics that are core to outdoor first aid, but not commonly taught on standard First Aid at Work courses. There are five possible answers to each question.

For example:


An open water swimmer attempting a long swim in March comes ashore behaving erratically, not shivering and claiming to feel hot

Answer 1

Help them remove their wetsuit so they can cool down

Answer 2

Sit them in a shelter and do not give them anything to eat

Answer 3

Give them a hot drink

Answer 4

Get them to run around to warm up

Answer 5

Sit them in a shelter, give sugar gel under tongue. Call 999/112 if they do not improve


The First Aid knowledge, skills and behaviours referred to in the questions is covered in the Resuscitation Council (UK) guidelines, the Voluntary Aid Societies First Aid Manual, Health & Safety Executive publications and other similar reputable sources.


The Assessment

  • Assessments will be a random selection of 30 questions in 5 categories
  • The time limit for completion of the questions is 30 minutes
  • Candidates must complete the assessment in one sitting
  • The pass mark for the questionnaire is set at 85%
  • The assessment is deemed to be "valid" for a period of 3 years
  • The assessment costs £20 (payment to be made online prior to starting the questionnaire)

The Results

The questionnaire is not a substitute for training and experience in First Aid, nor is it a certificate of First Aid competence. Achieving a pass mark demonstrates knowledge of the outdoor sector and application of First Aid knowledge and skills to outdoor learning scenarios where immediate help, shelter, equipment or facilities may not be readily available.
Successful candidates will have their Name (required) and Organisation (optional) automatically added to a list published on the IOL Website.

The Process


 IOL Outdoor First Aid Questionnaire


Links to Other First Aid Guidance

The assessment is recommended in the IOL Guidance on Outdoor First Aid Training Standards. The assessment is a requirement in the Outdoor First Aid Assessment Principles for trainers delivering Outdoor First Aid Band 3 and Outdoor First Aid Band 4 courses adopted by the First Aid Awarding Organisations Forum.

Development of the Questionnaire

The questions have been developed by a range of IOL members involved in delivering Outdoor First Aid Training. The question set is open to revision and will be expanded over time to ensure questions are current, relevant and appropriate for the needs of the sector. A development and review meeting was held in Manchester on the 7th September 2016. All interested parties were invited to this meeting to discuss improvements and additions to the questionnaire. (Prior to the meeting it was recommended that all attendees have taken the current questionnaire). To discuss any issues raised at the meeting in September please contact: Neal Anderson IOL Professional Standards Manager



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