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Integrated and accessible personal development

IOL CEO Andy Robinson's - 'Perspective' piece in Horizon's magazine 85

Author: Institute

Whilst I'm in danger of being a little too England-centric, I think the current consultation by OFSTED is reflective of the developing opportunities for outdoor learning in education through schools. It is encouraging to see that OFSTED is proposing under its new inspection framework that its inspectors will make a judgement on the personal development of learners. The importance of developing young people's life skills in preparation for life beyond the school is recognised by The Social Mobility Commission, Sutton Trust and the Education Endowment Foundation. All have recognised how good personal development can narrow the gap between pupils from more disadvantaged backgrounds and their peers.

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We’re making progress...but where have all the youth workers gone?

IOL CEO Andy Robinsons' - 'Perspective' piece in Horizons magazine 84

Author: Institute

There had many reasons to pause and reflect in the last quarter.  The reasons include a clear endorsement of a more joined up sector from the HSE, a very encouraging and stimulating sector wide conference and the passing of Roger Orgill, a key influencer of the shape the Institute for Outdoor Learning is today.  All this and more has prompted me to revisit our common purpose as Outdoor Learning practitioners or put another way, to reflect on why we are striving to ensure what we all do is better understood, is more impactful and better valued?

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Getting it together

IOL CEO Andy Robinsons' - 'Perspective' piece in Horizons magazine 83

Author: Institute

As I write this we are stepping up preparations for the 2018 UK Outdoor Learning Sector Conference. Its inception, planning, content and ultimately the event itself, has and will be representative of the evolution of the Sector in recent years. It will be attended by a wide variety of folk from a wide range of different outdoor learning practice areas, some long established and some more recently developed.

If you attend you will bump into people with a passion for ensuring the value placed on outdoor learning and the numbers participating continue to grow.....

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