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IOL Bushcraft PPG

IOL Bushcraft PPG Home Page

About the Bushcraft Professional Practice Group


The Bushcraft PPG was founded in 2007 with the aim of promoting best practice in a growing industry. Our main aim was to ensure practitioners delivering short, half day sessions of bushcraft skills, were sufficiently competent to deliver those sessions safely. To achieve this we developed the Bushcraft Competency Certificate, which assesses a practitioners ability in a range of bushcraft skills. We also developed a series of workshops where PPG members, IOL members, and all comers can learn new skills and competencies.

Our aims today remain the same. To that end we are increasing the number and locations of our workshop events, up to five or six a year. We should soon be able to promote a Bushcraft level one and two qualification, aimed at teenagers. The Competency Certificate continues to grow in recognition and take up and we will support and evolve it as required, including making it a recognised qualification. We also hope to forge links with like minded organisations, PPG’s and SIG’s, and through working together advance all our aims.

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Bushcraft PPG Committee

Chair - Martin Rollin - Email Martin

Treasurer - Nick Winder

Secretary - Gary Johnston

Events Team - Nick Winder, Gary Johnston

Communications - Jason Ingamells

Committee Members - Melanie Grenfell, Chris Murnin, Pete Morton




The IOL Bushcraft Professional Practice Group is committed to shaping and developing good practice in bushcraft with organisations, teachers, leaders and instructors.

IOL Statement of Good Practice on Bushcraft Competency



IOL Accredited Training

Attend an IOL Bushcraft Professional Practice Group event and benefit from the experience, passion and collective wisdom of professionals in the field.

Bushcraft Competency Certificate Training

Bushcraft Competency Certificate Assessment




Get in touch with the committee to get answers to your question, no matter if it is big or small.

Resources for Practitioners


Bushcraft Events

Bushcraft News

New IOL Level 2 Bushcraft Skills Award
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New IOL Level 2 Bushcraft Skills Award

An assessed award covering practical and applied bushcraft skills and knowledge designed for pupils, students and learners.

- Covers a wide range of bushcraft subjects including shelters, fire, health and safety, tool use, drinking water, woodland trees, directions, natural string
- Can be delivered by teachers, trainers, and instructors in formal or non-formal settings such as early years, schools, colleges, outdoor centres, education centres, wildlife trusts, national parks, etc.
- Portfolio based independent assessment of learning and certification by IOL Awards Centre.

Approval for experienced teachers/trainers to deliver the Bushcraft Skills Award is FREE for suitably qualified members of IOL.


Programme or Scheme of Work
Individual teachers/trainers can design a scheme of work (programme) to cover the required subject learning outcomes and suit their organisation and learners. A spiral curriculum design is encouraged to allow a logical progression in skills from the simplistic to the more complex and the ongoing reinforcement and application of knowledge.


Is The Bushcraft Skills Award for your pupils or learners?
IOL does not set any entry requirements however providers should ensure that learners have the potential and opportunity to gain the award successfully.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bushcraft?

Bushcraft is a term for the skills our ancestors used, up until surprisingly recently, to tread softly on the land and survive and live well with what nature provides us. The skill range is vast but includes, for example, fire lighting, tracking, shelter building, bow making, flint snapping and so on. The more you learn, the more you realise there is to learn!

How does Bushcraft link into outdoor learning?

Over the last 20 years there has been a huge growth in the numbers of outdoor providers offering bushcraft as part of a programme, or as the main theme of a course. This is because it has been shown to have a great impact on peoples feeling of wellbeing, achievement, fulfilment, and in so doing it allows youngsters who are not academic to develop skills in an area they can find fascinating and engaging. Many aspects of school curricular can be covered or invigorated through bushcraft skills.

Who can join the PPG?

We welcome anyone who uses a level of bushcraft in their practise as an outdoor practitioner, or who wishes to do so. We have some members who attend courses for their own interest and we are equally happy with their input. Our members range in age from 17 to over 70, skills are for all.

What do I get for joining the Bushcraft PPG?

As a member you get a Bushcraft polo shirt, regular newsletters, a vote in guiding the actions of the committee, heavily discounted rates for attending PPG workshops (attending one repays more than your membership!), access to advice from some of the country’s leading exponents of bushcraft.

How long has the Bushcraft PPG existed?

Originally the PPG was a Special Interest Group (SIG) within the IOL. It was formed about ten years ago when a group of bushcraft teachers, who were members of the IOL, recognised a need for ensuring safety and quality in the growing field of bushcraft provision. Forming a SIG allowed them to develop what is now the Bushcraft Competency Certificate as a measure of a persons skill level, with the support of the IOL. After being a SIG for 8 years, IOL approved it changing to a PPG, recognising the work done so far.

What happens at Bushcraft workshops?

We hold about 4 workshop events in a year at various locations around the country. Each one has six 2-hour workshops on individual topics e.g. build a figure 4 trap, variations on fire building, make a stool , basics of tracking, make string from wild materials, build a primitive bow and so on. Each attendee must be prepared to camp and provide their own food. Fires are usually available for cooking on. Toilet facilities vary but are not unhygienic or too rustic! There may be a PPG meeting where plans are discussed and votes taken if required, and there is usually a lot of social interaction around the fire in the evening. The whole thing lasts for about 30 hours.



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