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Bushcraft Accredited Training

Bushcraft Accredited Training Course Assessment

Bushcraft Competency Certificate Assessment


Who is it for?

Instructors, leaders and teachers who want to demonstrate that they follow good practice and have a high level of safety and competency in a range of bushcraft skills.


Why Come?

The 1-day assessment course has been created and developed by the IOL Bushcraft Professional Practice Group as a quality mark for a broad set of knowledge and skills in bushcraft. The Bushcraft Competency Certificate is relevant to for those working in all areas of outdoor learning - education, personal or professional development, therapy, expeditions, etc.

The assessment will cover the following elements:

  • Safe shelter construction
  • Safe use of tools and knife law
  • Establishing and maintaining fires by; bow drill, firesteel, flint and steel and other methods
  • Leaving no trace
  • Water sourcing, filtering and purification
  • Tree ID & uses
  • Natural navigation
  • Cordage making from natural materials

"Just a quick thank you for last week. I thoroughly enjoyed the process, and love coming away from an assessment knowing more. Once again you created a relaxed environment, allowing us to show you what you needed with the correct amount of pressure to perform." 20.3.17


Bushcraft Competency Certificate Assessment






Purchase a BCC Logbook at the IOL Bookshop



Attending a Bushcraft Competency Certificate Training course with an IOL Accredited Course provider is highly recommended. However, if you can meet the criteria there is no requirement to attend a training course. You will need a completed BCC logbook before assessment to evidence your development and practice.


How to book a place.

This assessment course is only provided by the IOL Bushcraft Professional Practice Group.


Whats Next?

Many people see the BCC as the foundation from which they can share their high level bushcraft skills and knowledge with others.



What is Involved in the Assessment

  • Assessment will be against the IOL Bushcraft Competency Certificate (BCC) Statement of Good Practice
  • Assessors are approved by the Bushcraft PPG, participate in regular quality assurance and standardisation meetings and have with a minimum of 6 years experience in teaching bushcraft and survival skills.
  • There will usually be a maximum of 3 candidates to 1 assessor.
  • Assessments start at 9am. If you have a long way to travel contact one of the assessors as we can often arrange camping the night before.
  • All assessments are self-catering. Bring a packed lunch as time is usually precious.

What Kit do I need to Bring?

Suggested kit list

  • Packed lunch and drink
  • Suitable outdoor clothes – boots etc
  • Knife/saws that you use
  • 4 or more ignition sources incl bow drill
  • Variety of tinder and kindling
  • Log book (you will need to have a completed log book).
  • Pen or pencil

IOL Bushcraft Competency Certificate – Framework for becoming an Assessor

Fair, consistent and reliable assessment against the standards is at the heart of this high quality and valued award. This document describes the requirements of The IOL Bushcraft Professional Practice Group for becoming a BCC Assessor.




Accrediting Your Bushcraft Training

IOL accredits a range of Bushcraft training courses. Many cover the syllabus for the IOL BCC Assessment, others have a more specialist focus. The comprehensive IOL Accredited Course process provides a mark of relevance and quality assurance in the field.



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