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Bushcraft Competency Certificate

Bushcraft Accredited Training Courses

Bushcraft Competency Certificate



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An assessed award covering bushcraft skills and knowledge suitable for teachers or instructors to deliver progressive bushcraft learning experiences in their setting.


  • Covers eight core bushcraft subjects - edged tools - knives & saws, fire, bow drill, water, debris shelters & bedding, tree identification & uses, natural navigation, cordage.

  • Designed for the outdoor learning workforce including FE/HE students, apprentices, instructors, teachers, leaders, etc.

  • Suitable for a wide range of people working or volunteering in formal or non-formal settings such as early years, schools, colleges, outdoor centres, education centres, wildlife trusts, national parks, youth and voluntary organisations, etc.

  • Consists of a high quality training course, consolidated experience, assessment of bushcraft competence and certification by IOL Awards Centre.

Image relating to the IOL Bushcraft Competency Certificate Process


Training Courses

  • Open to all with an interest in bushcraft. Some experience in bushcraft is recommended.
  • 24 guided learning hours (GLH) over 3 days. Delivered by IOL Accredited Bushcraft Competency Course Providers.

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Consolidation Period and Logbook

  • Assessment for the Bushcraft Competency Certificate requires a completed Bushcraft Competency Logbook demonstrating 120 quality hours of consolidated bushcraft experience.
  • Supporting evidence should include a mix of guided learning, self-learning, reflective practice, teaching, mentoring, etc.

IOL encourages candidates to submit a digital logbook of their required experience. Download in Word or PDF format and when completed, email to Fiona at IOL, no less than 10 days prior to your assessment, who will notify your Assessor.


Assessment of Competence

  • 8 guided learning hours (GLH) over 1 day. Delivered by IOL Bushcraft PPG Approved Bushcraft Assessors.
  • Skilled and knowledgeable bushcraft practitioners can go straight to assessment with a completed logbook of experience.

Standard cost £180 for individual members of IOL or employees of an organisational member of IOL. £210 including affiliate membership of IOL + Bushcraft PPG membership.

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Is the Bushcraft Competency Certificate for you?

Achieving the Bushcraft Competency Certificate demonstrates you follow good practice and have a high level of safety and competency in eight bushcraft units.


Image relating to the Bushcraft Competency Certificate Criteria

Statement of Good Practice in Bushcraft Competence

The IOL Bushcraft Professional Practice Group (PPG) has a long-standing reputation for quality and innovation within the field of Bushcraft . They recognise the need for instructors, teachers and leaders to demonstrate that they have a basic level of safe and competent bushcraft skills and are following recommended good practice.

The Statement of Good Practice in Bushcraft Competence is designed to assist and support practitioners to learn and develop bushcraft skills, and to demonstrate their skills and competencies in bushcraft. It is a valuable guide for those involved in educating, training, and assessing the competence of instructors, teachers and leaders in bushcraft.



Find a BCC Training or Assessment Course

Bushcraft Competency Certificate training courses are delivered by IOL Accredited Bushcraft Competency Course Providers. Assessment courses are arranged by IOL with Bushcraft Competency Assessors.



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Image to show the IOL Level 3 Bushcraft Competency Certificate - SPECIFICATION



Bushcraft Competency Certificate Statement of Good Practice




Bushcraft Awards Document Store

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What is Bushcraft?

Bushcraft is a term for the skills our ancestors used, up until surprisingly recently, to tread softly on the land and survive and live well with what nature provides us. The skill range is vast but includes, for example, fire lighting, tracking, shelter building, bow making, flint snapping and so on. The more you learn, the more you realise there is to learn!

How does Bushcraft link into outdoor learning?

Over the last 20 years there has been a huge growth in the numbers of outdoor providers offering bushcraft as part of a programme, or as the main theme of a course. This is because it has been shown to have a great impact on peoples feeling of wellbeing, achievement, fulfilment, and in so doing it allows youngsters who are not academic to develop skills in an area they can find fascinating and engaging. Many aspects of school curricular can be covered or invigorated through bushcraft skills.

What Prior Experience Do I Need To Attend This Course?

Many course providers say that a basic foundation in some of the practical skills in bushcraft is a real benefit. They won’t expect you to be able to light fires by friction or identify trees by their buds, but if you are able to use a knife safely and feel comfortable in a woodland environment you will get the most from the course. You might consider looking an introductory or foundation day in Bushcraft if your experience is limited.

What is Involved in the Assessment

  • Assessment will be against the requirements laid out in the Award Specification and the IOL Bushcraft Competency Certificate (BCC) Statement of Good Practice
  • There will usually be a maximum of 3 candidates to 1 assessor.
  • Assessments start at 9am. If you have a long way to travel contact one of the assessors as we can often arrange camping the night before.
  • All assessments are self-catering. Bring a packed lunch as time is usually precious.

Suggested kit list

  • Packed lunch and drink
  • Suitable outdoor clothes – boots etc
  • Knife/saws that you use
  • 4 or more ignition sources incl bow drill
  • Variety of tinder and kindling
  • Log book (you will need to have a completed log book).
  • Pen or pencil

How do I become an IOL Approved Bushcraft Competency Certificate Provider?

New Providers

The process for new providers to be approved to deliver the IOL Bushcraft Competency Award, IOL Bushcraft Competency Certificate, or IOL Bushcraft Competency Diploma is:

  1. Read through the Course Specification and contact the IOL Bushcraft PPG and discuss your intentions and experience for delivering the course
  2. Design a scheme of work for your course that can:
    1. Best meet the needs and capabilities of your expected learners, and
    2. Satisfy the requirements of the award
  3. Complete the standard IOL Course Accreditation Application process
  4. Gain approval from the IOL Bushcraft PPG – usually following a site visit
  5. Complete annual renewals and attend standardisation and development meetings to support the quality assurance process

How do I become an IOL Bushcraft Competency Assessor?

Fair, consistent and reliable assessment against the standards is at the heart of this high quality and valued award. The number of IOL Bushcraft Competency Assessors is demand led and follows the published process from the IOL Bushcraft PPG:

  1. Demonstrate meeting the IOL Bushcraft Competency Assessor requirements
  2. Attend standardisation and development meetings to support the quality assurance process



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