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Bushcraft Accredited Training

Bushcraft Accredited Training Courses

Bushcraft Competency Certificate Training


Who is it for?

Instructors, leaders and teachers who want to demonstrate that they have a basic level of safe and competent bushcraft skills and are following recommended good practice. The training course is recommended for people who want to progress to the IOL Bushcraft Competency Certificate.


Why Come?

This 3-day training course is practical and relevant for instructors, leaders and teachers working in all areas of outdoor learning - education, personal or professional development, therapy, expeditions, etc.

Courses are delivered by some of the most experienced trainers of bushcraft in the country. The course content was designed by the IOL Bushcraft Professional Practice group and is delivered by independent providers. Each organisation will have a different approach and style however all courses include the following elements:

  • Safe shelter construction
  • Safe use of tools and knife law
  • Establishing and maintaining fires by; bow drill, firesteel, flint and steel and other methods
  • Leaving no trace
  • Water sourcing, filtering and purification
  • Tree ID & uses
  • Natural navigation
  • Cordage making from natural materials






Bushcraft Competency Certificate Log Book


Purchase a BCC Logbook at the IOL Bookshop



How to book a place

This training course is only available from IOL Organisational Members who have gone through a comprehensive IOL Accredited Course quality assurance process and have approval from the IOL Bushcraft PPG to deliver it.

IOL Accredited Course



Whats next?

Following a Bushcraft Competency Certificate Training course we recommend you undergo a period of consolidation and refinement of your skills. Your course provider will show you how the BCC logbook can be used to evidence your development and practice.

To progress and complete the well-respected IOL Bushcraft Competency Certificate Assessment you will need a completed BCC logbook. Many people see the BCC as the foundation from which they can share their high level bushcraft skills and knowledge with others.



What Prior Experience Do I Need To Attend This Course?

Many course providers say that a basic foundation in some of the practical skills in bushcraft is a real benefit. They won’t expect you to be able to light fires by friction or identify trees by their buds, but if you are able to use a knife safely and feel comfortable in a woodland environment you will get the most from the course. You might consider looking an introductory or foundation day in Bushcraft if your experience is limited.

Get Your Bushcraft Training Course Accredited by IOL

IOL accredits a range of Bushcraft training courses. Many cover the syllabus for the IOL BCC Assessment, others have a more specialist focus. The comprehensive IOL Accredited Course process provides a mark of relevance and quality assurance in the field.



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