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Benefits for Individuals

Benefits for Individuals

Belong To The Leading Network of Outdoor Instructors, Teachers and Leaders

Being an individual member of IOL establishes and maintains you as a professional in Outdoor Learning. You agree to follow the IOL Code of Conduct. We provide publications, courses, professional recognition and job site to support you wherever you work in the outdoors.

Who are we?
We are outdoor instructors, youth workers, development trainers, field studies officers, teachers, lecturers, outdoor educators, coaches, students, environmental officers, expedition leaders, volunteers, therapists, leaders and more…


Community Community 

Individuals: Connect with like-minded people and learn from a trusted and vibrant network of outdoor learning professionals. We host events at a regional, national and specialist area level.

Professional Development Professional Development 

Individuals: Establish and maintain yourself as a professional. We provide publications, courses, accreditation and job site to support you throughout your Outdoor Career.

Voice Voice 

Individuals: Be a part of something bigger. We offer you the opportunity to help influence and represent our rich outdoor learning sector. Let’s spread the word together.

Guidance Guidance 

Individuals: Know where to come for all the latest research, good practice guidelines, professional advice and support that underpins your practice. This is the work you don’t have time to do on your own.



Individual Accreditation

Our accreditation scheme recognises the core components of a well-rounded and professional practitioner of Outdoor Learning, no matter which field they operate in.

Accredited Practitioner

My Local IOL

What is happening in my region? In my speciality?

Get involved at a local or professional level in the development of Outdoor Learning.



Horizons is our Professional Development Magazine. Contributors share good practice, expertise or experiences of their work in the outdoors. It is published 4 times a year and included in all our Full memberships.

Read More

7-Steps to CPD

How do I develop myself professionally? Use our simple guide to enable you to identify which aspects of your professional development to focus on next.


Stories from our Members

A selection of stories from our members. Take a look at some of the journeys of the amazing men and women of the Outdoors.


Deals & Discounts

We have negotiated a selection of deals and discounts for our members on publications, at events and courses, at activity sites and on equipment and useful services such as insurance. Log in required.



We work across the diverse Outdoor Learning sector to represent our members and increase participation in Outdoor Learning. We lobby for the benefit of the sector to articulate the value of Outdoor Learning across society.



Keep in touch with the outdoor learning sector’s latest news locally and nationally. News, research and developments in Outdoor Learning are posted via our website, facebook and twitter.

Latest News

Research & Guidance

Our bank of useful information, guidance, publications, current research to help you keep your professional practice up to date.




Warwick Mill Business Centre, Warwick Bridge, Carlisle, Cumbria, CA4 8RR

+44 (0)1228 564580



What we collect and why

Name, Email Address, Phone Number (optional). Only if you provide it to us in order to contact you or to use our services.

Your Privacy

Who we share with

We will never sell your personal data to 3rd parties. We may share your personal data with our suppliers in order to provide our online and member services to you.

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