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Outdoor Learning Specialist Apprenticeship

Further your career outdoors

Outdoor Learning Specialist Apprenticeship


The main responsibility of an Outdoor Learning Specialist is the design, planning and delivery of programmes that provide progressive learning and change using outdoor activities and experiences. They will apply professional outdoor leadership judgement and use relevant facilitation approaches and theories of learning and development to support the intended outcomes of a programme and encourage participants to achieve their potential.


An apprenticeship designed by the sector, for the sector

The Outdoor Learning Specialist Apprenticeship focuses on training individuals who have some experience as an outdoor activity instructor and are ready to take their skills and knowledge to the next level. IOL Project Management assisted employers drawn from across the breadth of the Outdoor Sector to collaborate and produce a ground-breaking new Outdoor Learning Specialist Apprenticeship.

The Apprenticeship is aligned to the IOL Occupational Standard for an Outdoor Learning Specialist. The Occupational Standard outlines the role and scope of an Outdoor Learning Specialist and the essential knowledge, skills and behaviours that are needed to meet the minimum requirements of the sector. The occupational standard also provides guidance for the development of education and training to meet the standard.


Typical work environments:

  • Outdoor activity or education centres
  • Outdoor adventure and activity businesses
  • Expedition and sports tourism providers
  • Schools and early years education organisations
  • National parks, nature reserves and country parks
  • Youth work and youth development organisations
  • Outdoor sports awarding and governing bodies
  • Further education and higher education institutions

Typical job titles:

  • Senior Outdoor Instructor/Coach
  • Outdoor Programme Tutor
  • Outdoor Educator
  • Outdoor Education Teacher
  • Senior/Lead/Area Ranger
  • Outdoor Development Trainer
  • Senior Field Studies Tutor
  • Outdoor Learning Course Director


Typical programme outcomes and impacts:

  • Educational achievement
  • Personal and social development
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Nature connection
  • Outdoor science
  • Professional and team development
  • Practical skills development


Outdoor Learning Specialist Apprenticeship Standard

Training Providers

There are no training providers registered for this standard yet.

End Point Assessment Organisations

Pearson are approved to provide EPA for this standard

External Quality Assurance Body


Apprenticeship Length
24 Months

Entry Requirements
Typically, experience working as an Outdoor Activity Instructor in a paid or voluntary capacity. Apprenticeships also cover the upskilling of current staff (providing you are offering them new knowledge or skills).

Apprentices can be any age. Many employees find older apprentices bring useful life experience to their teams.


There is no set syllabus or prescribed training course – employers negotiate what training their apprentices require with training providers (and at what price). Relevant qualifications or NGB awards can be included. Apprentices must have achieved English and mathematics at Level 2 and the following qualifications:

  • Level 2 Ofqual registered Award in Safeguarding relevant to the employer’s business.
  • Level 3 Ofqual registered 2-day Outdoor First Aid Award.

Endpoint Assessment
Customer Proposal Report & Presentation, Observation, Professional Discussion

Maximum Funding

Professional Recognition
This apprenticeship standard is designed to prepare successful apprentices to meet the requirements for registration as an Associate Professional in Outdoor Learning with the Institute for Outdoor Learning.







(£) Is the upper limit of the funding band for the Outdoor Activity Apprenticeship


Employers contributed to the design of the Outdoor Apprenticeship Standard


OLS Apprenticeship Reference Group

The Trailblazer Apprenticeship Reference Group comprises employers who are actively providing the OLS apprenticeship (i.e. not Training Providers or End Point Assessment Organisations) and has members from a variety of geography, business sizes and business product focus. They discuss employer requirements to inform work with IfATE and others, and support the 3 year review of the Apprenticeships and ensure they remain fit-for-purpose.

If you are employing OLS Apprentices and interested in being part of the Trailblazer Apprenticeship Reference Group please email IOL to register your interest.



Join the Workforce Training Employer Group

Workforce Training Employer Group Members are part of a email list where they can ask questions and get answers from colleagues, the IOL team and the Outdoor Trailblazer Reference Group, about issues such as apprenticeship funding, training options, recruitment, etc. IOL Organisational Members and AHOEC Members are invited to nominate one member of their team to be part of the FREE ONLINE Workforce Training Employer Group for apprenticeships and staff training.

To register as part of the group email IOL using the link provided with the name of your organisation and the name and email address of the person who you are nominating to be a member of the Trainee and Apprentice Development Employer Group.






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