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Horizons Magazine

IOL Publications - Horizons

Continue your Professional Development with Horizons Magazine

Articles by, and for, outdoor professionals - published Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter


  • Contributors share good practice, expertise or experiences of their work in the outdoors
  • All current full IOL members get a free subscription to Horizons included as part of their membership

"a great magazine for professionals"

"makes me feel part of the IOL family"

"helping to share what we learn on our journeys discovering the great outdoors"


Horizons Team

Editor - Carmen Byrne

Review Panel - Daniel Towers, Richard Ensoll, Jason King, Graham French, Liam Scott, Bob Larcher, Sam Lee, Lizzie Harrington, Colin Wood, Geoff Cooper, Marcus Bailie, Heather Brown

Design & Production - Fiona Exon

Printers - Fingerprints, Barrow in Furness

Advertising - Fiona Exon

ISSN 1462 - 0677


IOL are happy to announce that from Horizons 82 (Summer 2018) we will be mailing it out in fully compostable film packaging. We take very seriously the issue of plastic waste and are glad to have been able to make this commitment with the help of our printers who have made the processing changes necessary to allow us to do this.


Horizons 85

Horizons (85) Spring 2019

In this Issue.....

  • Essentials in education
  • How to... Run a water jet rocket session. It’s not rocket science
  • Adventures in letter writing and the great outdoors
  • Cold water shock and safety
  • Looking back on the evolution of an industry
  • Research review
  • Don’t drown in change: Part two
  • Collaborating for sustainability
  • With the wind in our back

Regular Features.....

  • Scanning the horizon - Resource recommendations
  • IOL insights – IOL 2018 Annual report
  • Professional matters – The power of profiling. Neal Anderson, IOL Professional Standards Manager, looks at how you and your team match up to the Outdoor Professional profile
  • EarthWise – A burning issue: the future of our moorlands
  • Love your outdoors – Catch up with sector news, latest research and resources
  • Perspectives – Andy Robinson, IOL CEO looks at integrated and accessible personal development
  • Free Sample
  • Subscribe to Horizons

Horizons Magazine

Professional Development for Outdoor Practitioners.

Download a full FREE recent issue of Horizons


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  • Horizons is FREE for IOL members who have full Membership
  • £21 for IOL Concessionary Members & Full Time Students (UK)
  • £35 for non IOL Members, please contact us.

For non UK Horizons subscriptions please contact us.

Horizons is printed using a waterless printing process and as far as is possible uses recycled paper. It is mailed to members and subscribers in polythene that is 100% recyclable.


Search our Horizons Archive

Horizons 63 Sample


Horizons 66 Sample


Horizons 64 Sample


Search within several hundred PDF archived Horizons articles.

A FREE service for all visitors to the IOL website.

Horizons magazine (and its predecessors) has been a source of information, guidance, inspiration and debate since the 1980s. It has published several hundred articles. You can now search the Horizons PDF archive (below) for specific authors, article titles, topics, themes, content etc, and download them for free.


How To Search

For a general search use key words. You can also make your search more specific; for example, to search for the article titled Adventure in a Bun use inverted commas; like this: "Adventure in a Bun". Or you can search for a particular author.

Once you have identified an article that you are looking for you can download it. Articles are available currently for Horizons issues No. 27 until up to one year ago.

Articles going back to the first issues of "Adventure Education" in the 1980s are available only for photocopying or hard copy purchase.


  Horizons Archive



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Writing for Horizons - Sharing good practice and ideas

Share your experience and good practice in an article for Horizons

Who can get involved?

If you are part of the outdoor learning community, no matter whether you are starting out, mid-career, or a veteran with a wealth of experience, you are welcome to submit your stories.


Why should you do it? If we are all generous in sharing our good practice, bright ideas and insights, our personal practice benefits, our participants benefit and our outdoor learning community benefits.

Write for Horizons

What do we want?

It’s simple… Horizons is about sharing good practice in outdoor learning, so if you have a story to tell about good practice we’re interested.

There are a few ways you can contribute:

  • You could send us stories linked to our regular features:


    • ‘How To…’ articles. Have you got any practical tips which will help others develop their practice? We are looking for ‘step by step’ information on everything from mountain bike drills, knot tying, and risk assessments, to pond dipping and outdoor art.
    • ‘The Inside Story’. Have you tried and tested something in your own practice which has worked well? Has your organisation made changes which have improved good practice? Have you overcome a challenge which has led to improvements to your practice? How have you used outdoor learning to help participants manage/ overcome their social, emotional and behavioural needs?
    • ‘Thinking Ahead’. What’s your opinion on the future of outdoor learning? What challenges do practitioners and organisations face? How will our ideas of good practice need to evolve? What can we learn from sharing good practice between different countries and regions?
    • ‘Past Times’. Has the outdoor learning community lost sight of something important from past practice? How has your practice changed over the years? What lessons have you learnt?
    • ‘Scanning the Horizon’.Have you got any news snippets which might be useful to our members? These could be useful resources, summaries of research, brief examples of good practice, or extending discussions from articles in previous issues.
  • You can also send us stories based on themes or topic.


    • In the Spotlight Sometimes Horizons will put the spotlight on a specific theme. We’re currently planning our next lot of themes so keep your eyes peeled as we release them over coming issues.
    • Regular Themes and Topics. Generally, we welcome stories about good practice from different strands of the outdoor learning community, this may include:


      • Articles on career progression for practitioners
      • Urban outdoor learning
      • Approaches to research and evaluation
      • Delivering specific curriculum using outdoor learning
      • Outdoor adventure therapy
      • Geo-caching and outdoor learning
      • Voluntary sector-based learning
      • Progression through adventure

What next?

Before you send your article, check our guidelines for submissions (including how to detail references and imagery).

We look forward to hearing from you. Happy writing!



Horizons Magazine



Horizons welcomes articles from regular contributors and also from new contributors who can extend our varied and flexible content.


We have received numerous excellent articles over many years and are very grateful to all contributors; past, present and future.


The very best people to write articles for Outdoor Professionals are outdoor professionals themselves. You don’t need to have literary or journalistic experience - we all have something valuable to contribute and share.


Aim of the Publication

Horizons is published as part of IOL’s commitment to providing cost effective CPD and information on best practice for the Outdoor Learning community.


Author Guidelines

Guidance for writing and submitting an article to Horizons.

Please check that your article meets the latest contributor guidelines for content and style.



Ethos: the aim of an article should be to benefit readers and the wider outdoor community rather than showcase the author, their work or their organisation’s work. Articles should be written from the philosophical view point of reflective practice, sharing ideas, knowledge and discoveries to enable other practitioners to learn from an authors experience or research.

Article length, articles are 1 to 4 pages to enable us to always print a variety of topics. This is around 500 – 2000 words, or 2500 for very wide appeal or technical articles.

References – please list at the end with superscript numbers in the text. Horizons is published in a magazine style and we do not publish overly academic articles or use Harvard referencing. However many academics publish in Horizons, as the best way to communicate with the practitioners and translate research into informing changes in working practice.

Post-submision editing - Once an article has been accepted for publication we are unable to accept revisions from an author.

Article exclusivity - It is expected that articles published in Horizons have not been published elsewhere. If you want to submit an article for Horizons that has been, or is expected to be, published in another publication/s please inform us. Only in exceptional cases (usually where important safety information is included) do we print articles simultaneously with other outdoor sector publications. We do sometimes welcome and re-publish articles that are in publications not viewed by the main-stream Horizons readership but we do need to seek consent from the other publication/s. Similarly, once an article has appeared in Horizons, it should not be published elsewhere in the same format without consent from the IOL Horizons Editorial team.


Author Info and Images

Author Biog and photo – the opportunity to profile yourself/work/organisation and invite comment on your article if you wish. These biopics can be as serious or amusing/ironic as you think fits the article. These will remain on record as part of the article in the Horizons archive. Up to 100 words is accepted.

Photos/Images – these need to be high quality. You will need between 2 and 8 maybe 10 images for a long technical article. You should only supply pictures you have a right to use, and credit the photographer / organisation if it is not you. If you are not able to supply photos please let us know when you submit the article so we can find some suitable ones prior to publishing your article. Articles without images may be delayed in the acceptance and publication process.

IOL reserves the right to use photographs submitted for use in Horizons in its other communications such as the IOL website, social media, newsletters, publications and promotional literature etc. Where possible we will attribute the original submitter. You can opt out of this when you first submit the photographs.

Checklist for Submitting an Article

  • Get a colleague or friend to look over your article and tell you if it reads smoothly, is not too long-winded and fits the reflective practice/professional ethos above.
  • Include an author biog of up to 100 words and an author photo.
  • An article needs to be an unformatted Word document (not Pdf) with NO PHOTOS placed within the text. Send photographs separately (see info below) and, if you wish, send a Pdf showing where they should be in the text if this is critical.
  • Articles which are not submitted with author biography, author biog photograph or accompanying illustrative photos might be delayed in processing or planned publication. If you are unable to send illustrative photos please tell us this at the point of submission so that we can look at seeking alternative images.
  • Images (photos/diagrams etc) must be high resolution/quality. Send to Fiona at IOL in an email and including the title of the submission and authors name.
  • Be sure to include your name, email, contact phone number and full postal address (we send a complimentary copy of the magazine containing your published article).

How your article might look when published

Horizons Magazine


Horizons Magazine

Submitting your Article

To be included in the submission selection process you need to:

  1. Send your article (but not the photographs please) to the Horizons editor, Carmen Byrne. Title your email subject with Horizons submission / Authors Name / Article Title
  2. Send the images/diagrams etc, author biog and author photo to Fiona at IOL including the title of your article.


Horizons Magazine

Operational Information

  • Horizons is run on a not for profit basis and operates with a minimal staff resource relative to other publications.
  • We do not pay for content and the magazine is designed and edited in-house on a cost covering basis.
  • All articles will be acknowledged by the office on receipt and will be added to the pool of articles available for selection.
  • If your article does not meet contributor guidelines it cannot be selected for publication. However, it may still be held on file in case it should become relevant to publish it at a later date.
  • Articles are selected, edited and published over a year cycle to ensure spread of content in each issue.
  • If your article has not been published after a year, it is likely that it will not be published, this could be because we have too many articles on one topic or it does not meet contributor guidelines.
  • The editor cannot provide individual feedback on why articles are, or are not, published.
  • Horizons is issued quarterly: March (Spring), June (Summer), September (Autumn) and December (Winter). Submission deadlines are mid- February, May, August and November.

The article postbag is edited in batches as the Horizons editorship is not a full time role. Depending on where in the 3-6 month publication cycle your article arrives it may be some time before your article is reviewed for publication. In some cases when we have a very full postbag the editor will only review articles when there is a suitable space in the next issue. We do not publish everything we receive, but if your article meets the contributor guidelines then it is likely to be reviewed, edited and published within 3-9 months.

Horizons Management and Feedback.

If you feel that your article has been unfairly treated you should send your comments to the team via the IOL Office. Your issue can then be passed to the Editorial Board if need be.

Advertise in Horizons - Reach a targetted audience

Reach a targeted readership of outdoor professionals and practitioners by advertising in Horizons. The magazine is considered by outdoor professionals to be a vital part of their continuing professional development.

  • Readership is in excess of 5,000
  • Adverts in Horizons also get a linked advert in the Sponsoring Advertisers section above
  • Large discounts for IOL Members
  • IOL Accredited Course Providers - 5% discount on listed prices
  • Agency RATES apply - contact us
  • SERIES DISCOUNTS - 2 issues 10%, 4 issues 12.5%

Subscriptions are also sent to many non-members throughout the world. Horizons is published quarterly in March, June, September and December.

A regular advertiser says....

"Thank you Horizons for bringing me so much work and adventure! That advert was excellent value."

How to supply copy for your advertisement.

Please send copy as high resolution (fonts embedded) PDF or CMYK colour TIFF or JPG to IOL.


Download Sample Horizons Magazine

Horizons Advertising Rates



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