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Horizons (77) Spring 2017

In this Issue...

  • Telling Stories: Bottoms, Boobs and Bonds
  • PEA or APE? Some constraining factors when including participants with disabilities into outdoor learning
  • Free time: Dangerous or Developmental?
  • Is the Slippery Hitch the most versatile knot for outdoor uses?
  • Checklists: What are they? Where and how to use them
  • Interpreting Avalanche Reports
  • Smart technology: Opportunity or distraction
  • Beyond 5 Steps to Risk Assessment: Competent people and concise paperwork
  • Some facets, psychology and pitfalls of undertaking a classic challenge
  • Perspective - Looking from the outside in (by IOL CEO, Andy Robinson)


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Horizons (76) Winter 2016

In this Issue.....

  • Go Pro or No?
  • A Step in the Right Direction
  • Blooming Bushcraft
  • What is Outdoor Learning For?
  • Creating Calm Learning Environments with Buzz Potential
  • The Dynamic Future of British ‘Sense of Place’
  • Weathering the Storm - the highs and lows of OE
  • Adapting and Adaptive Equipment to Increase Participation
  • How to Paintball Safely
  • How to Get the Most from your IOL Membership
  • To Do or Not to Do...
  • Woodland Play Walk
  • 7 Steps to CPD
  • IOL National Conference Masterclasses review
  • Taking a Long Term View


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Horizons (75) Autumn 2016

In this Issue.....

  • Woodlands Offer Hope for Peope Suffering with Severe Mental Health Conditions: Measuring the Impacts
  • Coastline War
  • Better Together: Gender Parity & Leadership in the Outdoor Sector - New Perspectives on an Age-Old Issue
  • Canoe Culture
  • Leadership Wake Up
  • Searching for Serendipity
  • IOL Field Studies Professional Practice Group
  • Wheel of the Year - All things come to an end
  • Getting Naturally Connected: Outdoor Learning and School Priorities
  • Inspection Standards for Ropes Courses
  • Fit for Purpose: A Review of the use of Paragliding Harnesses for Climbing
  • Real World Learning: A New Model for Outdoor Learning


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Horizons (74) Summer 2016

In this Issue.....

  • Buidling and Using a Bronze Age Roundhouse
  • Surviving or Thriving? Developing Useful Toughness through Outdoor Learning
  • Accessing the Outdoors for Special Educational Needs
  • When do Freelancer Instructors need their own Public Liability Insurance?
  • SUPer Cool or Just a Fad? The benefits and practicalities of Stand Up Paddling
  • How do Instructors get good at Decision Making?
  • A Case Study for Forest School Intervention in Primary School
  • Wheel of the Year - Make Hay while the Sun Shines
  • The Existing Evidence Base about Effectiveness of Outdoor Learning
  • First Aid and People with Disabilities



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