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2019 Awards

Outdoor Learning Awards 2019

The Outdoor Learning Awards are presented to Outdoor Learning professionals and organisations in recognition of their outstanding work, and to encourage excellence.


The sector applauds those working on innovative projects to encourage and enable more people to get out, be active, learn about and connect with the outdoors.

These awards shine a spotlight on the exceptional work of a diverse group of professionals including instructors, teachers, leaders, managers, educators and researchers.


The Celebrating Outdoor Learning Awards


Promote outdoor learning professionals and organisations

Strive to advance the knowledge and understanding of all areas of outdoor learning



Celebrate professional expertise

Reward schemes that have demonstrated positive impacts and community benefits


The important role of outdoor learning professionals

We want the public to know about the work of our most creative and innovative outdoor learning professionals, because their work can have a big impact on people’s lives.

2018 was our inaugural year, if you take look at any of the award finalists this will reveal a great number of different public benefits they offered including health, environmental, social, and economic. For instance, outdoor learning can promote positive mental and physical health, bring communities together – and, increasingly, address the issues of sustainability and climate change.


The 2019 Awards

This year’s award categories celebrate a variety of areas where outdoor learning professionals have used models for change to make a real impact in their communities.

The judges were looking for projects that have responded to a clear identified need in a progressive way by going beyond established or commonly available outdoor learning solutions.

The finalists have now been chosen. Read more about the finalists and register your vote(s)...


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Voting closes at Midnight on 30th September 2019


OL Awards 2019 Finalists


Awards Finalists

Community Development


Collaborative working projects where outdoor learning has been central to the development of young people or adults in a particular community group.

CD Finalists



‘Inspiring Lives’ is a multiple award-winning project that is designed to engage the most vulnerable hard-to-reach young people.


Transferable Skills Training SW (TST)

‘Mission Lousehill’ is a community re-wilding project that engages urban communities with an ancient woodland on their doorstep.


Nature Nurture

The ‘Green Talent’ project aims to engage young people, aged thirteen to eighteen with their local green spaces and the natural world.


City of London Corporation

The ‘From Outdoors to Labour Market’ (FOLM) project aims to give nearly 1000 young people not in education, employment or training (NEETs), the skills and opportunities to develop life and professional skills to find and sustain employment.


Venture Trust

Participation and Active Sports


Projects that have driven new levels of participation in upcoming or established outdoor sports on land, water and in the air.

P&AS Finalists



This project aimed to challenge disability through outdoor adventure and develop self-belief, team work skills and an awareness of the world around us.


Southgate School

Environmental Awareness and Action

Initiatives that have developed understanding and championed sustainability at a local, regional, national, or global level.

EA&A Finalists



The idea of the ‘Food Waste Challenge’ was born in 2014. With an increased number of customers there was more food waste being returned to the kitchen and inevitably more waste going to landfill.


Mill on the Brue

Health and Wellbeing

Outdoor learning based schemes that have made a real difference to areas such as mental health, resilience and, or, social issues.

H&W Finalists



We use engaging outdoor learning environments and a range of activities to affect behaviour change through experiential learning.


Challenge Academy

The Riverside Centre has developed an intervention model using a combination of Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) and outdoor activities.


Riverside Centre for Outdoor Learning

Our participants embark on several progressive expedition phases through the inspiring Scottish landscape. After experiencing reflective, therapeutic tasks, community living and adventurous activities many individuals have: re-engaged with education; improved their sense of self-worth and self-efficacy; and reduced substance use.


Venture Mòr

Workforce Engagement

Projects that have actively encouraged equality and diversity, volunteers, or older applicants to be part of the sector workforce.

WE Finalists



The Practical Skills Alliance was set up to deliver practical outdoor skills training to adult leaders nationwide through a network of county based groups.


Bushscout UK

Lindley’s work in Ashton-under-Lyne provides a progression of outdoor learning experiences and formal training to encourage Asian Muslim males and females to choose a career in the Outdoors.

Lindley Educational Trust

We aid teenagers and young people to “Achieve Potential Through Adventure”. We specialise in delivering high-quality outdoor learning experiences for all, including children and adults with learning disabilities.

The Adventure Service

Outdoor Learning Research

Research projects that have answered a relevant question, provided tangible results and made a positive contribution to practice.

OLR Finalists



Evidence from primary school teacher surveys in 1995 and 2017 identified change and five key elements for the successful implementation of outdoor learning in primary schools.


University of Cumbria

Student Dissertation

A well-structured undergraduate or masters thesis that follows a clear theme relevant to the field of outdoor learning.

SD Finalists



This dissertation ‘Mad meanders and chaotic cartography: a place for psychogeography within Outdoor Education’ aims to explore the value of applying contemporary psychogeographical methods as a pedagogical approach for developing stronger social, political and environmental equity within outdoor education.


Taylor Butler-Eldridge of the University of Cumbria



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+44 (0)1228 564580



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