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Roots and Wings: A history of outdoor education and outdoor learning in the UK    
Ken C Ogilvie

By exploring both the millennia long history of man’s relationship with the natural environment, and the more recent changes in approaches to education and personal development, this extensively researched book:
● establishes clear foundations for a deeper understanding of the roots of outdoor learning
● traces – and places in context – many of the individuals and movements that played important roles in its growth and diversity
● demonstrates the timeless need for nature to play a part in every child and young person’s development
● supports the case for early connection with nature in each child’s life, and an on-going healthy and environmentally sustainable life style for all ages.

While notable biographies and accounts of particular outdoor learning institutions already exist, this is the first single volume to address all aspects and sectors of the movement. It will be a foundation for future generations as they take outdoor learning on the next steps in its journey.

Read a review by Geoff Cooper available on this linked page:

High Quality Outdoor Learning

Support for promoting Outdoor Learning with schools and youth groups and in teacher training

High Quality OL cover

The English Outdoor Council has re-written the previous guide 'High Quality Outdoor Education' to reflect changes in the past 10 years to produce the new guide to 'High Quality Outdoor Learning'.  It is a valuable tool in training teachers and youth workers as well as promoting the use of outdoor learning.

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