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Accredited Practitioner of the IOL (APIOL)

Accredited Practitioner of IOL

Facilitator of outdoor learning with a breadth of experience in challenging situations

IOL Accreditation is designed for everyone who is responsible for providing learning in an outdoors environment where there is an inherent challenge (physical, emotional or educational) and when the uncertainty of the natural world is present.

APIOL Accreditation

Accredited practitioners of the Institute for Outdoor Learning are experienced facilitators of outdoor learning with a consolidated breadth of experience.

They will have worked in challenging or unique environments and have experience planning, leading and evaluating programmes with a range of activities.

Typically, an Accredited Practitioner has been involved in designing and delivering Outdoor Learning programmes for 3-5 years or more as an employee, freelancer or volunteer. For example, instructor, tutor, teacher, lecturer, youth worker, senior trainer, etc.

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For practitioners accreditation provides:

  • Formal designation and credibility as an Outdoor Learning professional
  • Continuing professional development (CPD) that enhances your practice
  • Recognition of how you uniquely combine and apply your range of experience, skills, knowledge, qualifications and awards

Benefits of IOL accreditation to employers

  • Recognition of experience against national criteria
  • Demonstrates staff have an professional approach to providing outdoor learning
  • Shows a commitment to standards in Outdoor Learning
  • Enhances and supports career progression of your staff
  • Promotes the experience and expertise of your organisation and staff

Pathway to Accreditation

  Register with IOL

Application review
  APIOL Induction
  Guidance from coach

APIOL Interview

The APIOL Induction

The induction event supports APIOL candidates to begin their APIOL accreditation journey and reflect on their career to date and where they would like to go in the future. The style and timing of each event may vary, however, they all include:

  • An introduction to IOL – who we are, what we do and how we work
  • A full outline the APIOL process and what is expected of candidates
  • An exploration the APIOL criteria and debate on what may, or may not be, valid evidence for meeting each criterion
  • An experience of reflective practice in the context of IOL accreditation
  • An experience the IOL coaching approach as a way of reviewing experience

Following an induction event the PDC will support you to select and arrange the first meeting with your chosen Approved APIOL Coach.

The APIOL Coaching Process

APIOL Coaching process is central to supporting candidates to reflect on their career so far and where they are going next. Being away from your place of work with a Coach who is external to your organisation can help you reflect on your experience, influences, interests and career aspirations. Your APIOL Coach helps you be clear about “why you do what you do,” “how you do it,” and express that in your APIOL application.

The content and flow of APIOL Coaching meetings is guided by your wants and needs, and the experience of the Coach. As an example, if you met for 3 sessions that are about 1½ hours long they might look something like:

  • Session 1 - Your experience, skills, interests, goals and view on why Outdoor Learning matters (why do you do what your do?)
  • Session 2 – Exploring your key experiences and influences and linking your knowledge, skills, attitude and approach with the APIOL criteria
  • Session 3 – Helping you ensure your application covers all the APIOL criteria and expresses the real you at your consistent best
The APIOL Interview
The primary aim of the interview is to engage the candidate in a professional discussion and allow them to bring their APIOL application to life. Assessors will review the application ahead of the day and identify where they have evidence to meet the APIOL criteria. At the interview assessors will ensure that you have provided evidence that you meet all the APIOL criteria. If you are deferred, gather the required evidence and re-apply for interview.

£50 at Application; £400 at Induction

Next Steps

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Current members of IOL who are APIOL award holders can highlight their APIOL status with a special APIOL logo.  Contact Fiona at IOL to request yours.