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Accredited Practitioner of the IOL (APIOL)

Who is Accredited Practitioner for?

APIOL is for practitioners, who have experience of: 

  • having overall responsibility for delivering programmes with developmental aims in the outdoors
  • operating in a variety of contexts
  • managing benefit against risk independently in challenging situations
  • designing and managing tailored outdoor learning programmes  including client liaison and needs analysis
  • reflecting on and developing their practice in the outdoors
  • putting something back into the outdoor field?

Terms in bold are defined here.

You can use the APIOL Benchmarks and Criteria to help you plan your career development.

  • APIOL Criteria 
  • APIOL Benchmarks

How do I become an Accredited Practitioner of IOL?

The APIOL process begins with an introductory workshop (Induction) followed by a period of mentored reflection (usually lasting about 6 months).  At the end of this time you will submit a written application based on the reflection done during this period after which you will be invited to interview. The interview takes the form of a professional discussion about your practice between you and two senior practitioners.

What does it cost?

The APIOL accreditation process costs £450.  This includes:

  • A half day induction workshop  - sample induction programme here
  • Supporting documentation
  • The support of an APIOL Mentor
  • APIOL completion interview
  • Closing date for Applications for 2015 is October 31st.

An initial fee of £50 is payable when applying. The balance of £400 is due before you attend the Induction workshop and are allocated a Mentor.

How do I get started? 

  • Complete the APIOL Self Assessment, to help you decide whether APIOL is the right thing for you to embark on, at this moment in time.
  • You will need to be a current Individual member of IOL.
  • Then contact the IOL office to obtain your APIOL Logbook and Guidance  

Benefits of APIOL to employers, customers and clients 

  • APIOL can provide a framework for staff training and development
  • Defines the breadth of skills required to be considered proficient in the outdoor sector
  • Demonstrates operation to clearly defined standards which include quality of service and provision of a learning experience, in addition to technical skills. It is a benchmark of quality individual practice, with clearly defined standards of knowledge and performance
  • It demonstrates and clearly states the professional ethics and expected continuous professional development of practitioners in the outdoor sector.

Meet some current APIOL holders.....

We'd like to introduce you to just some of the people who have achieved Accredited Practitioner with IOL.

The profiles are personal rather than professional and give an insight into the kind of people who are successfully completing their professional development processes through IOL. Click here

For a list of current APIOL holders Click here

APIOL Logo use

APIOL holder members of IOL can highlight their APIOL status with a special APIOL logo. Contact Fiona at IOL to request yours.


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