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Outdoor Adventure Week

Outdoor Adventure Week 2014

Warning - OAW2014 – May 24th – June 1st Are you prepared....?

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For info about OAW from the Campaign for Adventure see right >>>>

IOL are pleased to support OAW

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To gain profile and awareness, the UK outdoor adventure world has run 'OUTDOOR ADVENTURE WEEK'. This special week of activities gives a higher profile to what we do and helps link special messages which you, as a member of the outdoor world want a wider audience to hear.

Some will take the opportunity to promote a centre, some an activity, event, a special contribution or some other aspect of their work for which they would like to become even better known and thus supported and successful. For Outdoor Adventure Week 2014 we ask you to do the same.

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Further details are available on Facebook (OAW2014), Twitter (#OAW2014) and from Campaign for Adventure

Good promotions! Have a Great OAW2014!

Ray Mears says… “It is vital that young people and families get the opportunities to find adventure in life to prepare themselves for the future.  I enthusiastically support the Outdoor Adventure Week initiative and hope that you too will back it and change thousands of lives…”

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Background to OAW

In 2011, 3000 events around UK were organised by centres, schools, clubs and communities.  There were 1200 forest events, and 1000 events linked to camping and other overnights.  There were events for ‘Wild Women’, and fund-raising abseils, sleep-outs and picnics….these things happened in your area and they both raised the profile of the organisations that got involved raised awareness of the outdoors.  All increased participation and awareness, some made money, too. The idea throughout is to have local organisations promote themselves, but using the OAW2012 national publicity where it help secure you a special media presence.

You are invited to use this free opportunity to:

  • Challenge people to do something today they have never done before.
  • Raise your organisational profile by joining OAW2013.
  • Get adventure ideas from young people, parents, local activity providers such as bike hirers, outdoor centres, event promoters, communities, sports clubs, schools, local councils, fitness centres, community groups….all are welcome to join us.  
  • Just do it….

Anyone and everyone is welcome - just get involved and enjoy the ride.

Campaign for Adventure has created this for you!

Sean Kirkegaard, Development Executive, BBC Learning Campaigns stated: 

  • Recent research carried out by the BBC found people had a real desire for more adventure in their lives.  It’s my avowed hope that this campaign helps people fulfil that desire by offering a wide range of free or reduced price adventures for all.” BBCLearning deliver campaigns that aim to inspire and empower individuals.
Ian Lewis, Coordinator of the Campaign for Adventure, and organiser of ‘Outdoor Adventure Week 2011’ commented
  • “Our Adventurous Britain can stride out and properly enjoy itself. It has been a real pleasure to work with BBCLearning and all the partners in creating this huge opportunity available to everyone. New challenges are being offered and are available every day through local groups, schools and sports clubs.”

So come on, get yourself out there! 

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Click on the image below to download some guidance notes by Ian Lewis produced for OAW2011.

For more information on OAW call local rate 0845 345 7423 or email Ian Lewis

See right for Outdoor Adventure Week 2011 notes
OAW2013 Notes

The latest OAW NEWS from the Campaign for Adventure team

  • More and more events and support are being announced for this, the 6th year of celebration of adventure across the UK.  Use the opportunity to launch an event, raise profile or access support for the work you do - whether outdoors, in the community or with people and lives.  Nothing is off-limits - just help all to try something they have never done before. If you need help, a promotions and publicity pack is available free to help you. Go to the CfA website for info. 

    Between the 4th and 12th May we shall be supporting thousands of events - and potentially millions of people 'getting out there and doing it' as part of OAW2013.

    The role of Campaign for Adventure is to support your organisation through publicity and branding. If you are a community, individual, club, school, company - indeed any group or person who would like to benefit from enhanced publicity through the branding of an adventurous event, get in touch. The links below show something of what we have done since 2007 when we formed our first OAW partnerships and collaborations with the BBC, sports clubs, youth groups, outdoor centres, communities and businesses across the UK

  • These two links will take you to archive IOL Webpages about OAW.

    About oaw_may09.htm

    About oaw_may08.htm

  • BBC "THINGS TO DO" (& info here). 
  • BBC "THINGS TO DO" - Photo Guidance Notes