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IOL Bushcraft Competency Certificate

The IOL Bushcraft Competency Certificate

To meet a growing need in Outdoor Education we are now providing a system of courses to equip those of you who are/aiming to use Bushcraft skills as part of your programmes.

From 2016, this award will be replaced by the Bushcraft Competency Certificate (BCC) which covers additional content and requires the completion of a log book.

A 3-day training courses have been created and developed to cover the syllabus of this certificate by the Bushcraft and Survival Skills SIG using some of the most experienced trainers of Bushcraft in the country. This course is now provided by accredited individual bushcraft training organisations and the courses are listed here and follow the link to Bushcraft & Forest School Courses/events.

Following training you should then undergo a period of consolidation before attending assessment which will need to be evidenced by completing the BCC log book.

Assessment dates and costs are listed below.

To be added to the register of holders of the FBC you will need to join the IOL and the BSS Special Interest Group. To do this, please contact the IOL

  • Safe Shelter construction
  • Safe use of tools and knife Law
  • Establishing and maintaining fires by; bow drill, firesteel, flint and steel and other methods
  • Leaving no trace
  • Water Sourcing, Filtering and Purification
  • Tree ID & uses
  • Natural Navigation
  • Cordage making from natural materials
Learning Outcomes
  • This certificate demonstrates that the holder has successfully demonstrated a high level of safety and competency in the subjects covered by the course.
  • There will usually be at least 2 assessors with a minimum of 6 years experience in teaching bushcraft and survival skills.

Assessment Dates

+ Course Costs

2016 dates
  • Springwood, Derbyshire 21st March. (£150)
  • Springwood, Derbyshire 23rd March.
  • Springwood, Derbyshire 23rd June.
  • Appleton Common, Oxfordshire 3rd August
  • Whitchurch, Ross-on-Wye 20th September
  • The assessments cost £165
    Book online. Or call 01228 564580 or Email to Fiona at IOL.

To facilitate the transition from the FBCC to the new BCC we are running one final FBCC Assessment at Springwood, Derbyshire 21st March (see above)

For those existing FBCC holders who wish to upgrade to the new BCC we are running some mini conversion assessments covering the additional elements (natural navigation, cordage, further tree knowledge). The cost of these has been kept to a minimum to cover administration costs please Email to Fiona at IOL. And you will be allocated a 2 hour time slot for you chosen day. You will be expected to bring with you a completed BCC logbook.

Mini Conversion Assessment dates (cost £25:
  • Springwood, Derbyshire 24th March
  • Westwell Wood, Kent 18th May
  • Appleton Common, Oxford 4th Aug
  • Babbington Wood, Somerset 1st Sep
  • Whitchurch, Ross-on-Wye 21st Sep
The Assessment

  • For a copy of the kit list and the booking form, please see the ‘Downloads’ below.
How to Book
  • To book one of the courses, you can book online if paying by credit/debit card, otherwise please contact the IOL office, email  or call 01228 564580
Terms and Conditions
  • If you cancel more than 6 weeks before the assessment date you will be refunded in full minus £10 administration charge. If you cancel between 6-2 weeks before the assessment date 50% of the cost of the assessment will be forfeited. Cancellations less than 2 weeks before the assessment date 100% of the assessment cost will be forfeited.
Complaints Procedure
  • Please contact the IOL office
FBC & BC Holders
FBC and BC Certificate Holders website
  • Log Book 
  • Kit list: click here 
"The Course was very enjoyable and informative; I certainly learned lots and highlighted areas for further development.  All instructors were very knowledgeable and supportive."

"I was happy to submit my self to the scrutiny of the course and also the learning too.  It occurred to me lying in bed this morning that many of the freelance climbing instructors I know run bush craft days for people, but not one would be able to pass that course."