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Horizons back issue contents list

This is an archive of Horizons magazine and the articles in each issue going back to 2002. The history of the Magazine is much longer, however, and in fact goes back to 1980 when 'Adventure Education' was first published by Chris Loynes.

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Horizons (74) Summer 2016

  • Woodlands Offer Hope for Peope Suffering with Severe Mental Health Conditions: Measuring the Impacts
  • Coastline War
  • Better Together: Gender Parity & Leadership in the Outdoor Sector - New Perspectives on an Age-Old Issue
  • Canoe Culture
  • Leadership Wake Up
  • Searching for Serendipity
  • IOL Field Studies Professional Practice Group
  • Wheel of the Year - All things come to an end
  • Getting Naturally Connected: Outdoor Learning and School Priorities
  • Inspection Standards for Ropes Courses
  • Fit for Purpose or Made for Purpose - A Review of the use of Paragliding Harnesses for Climbing
  • Real World Learning: A New Model for Outdoor Learning
  • EarthWise - Exploring a Mountain
  • IOL Insights
  • Professional Matters

Horizons (73) Spring 2016

  • Loss of our Traditional Nature Connection  
  • Groundhog Day
  • Sustaining Fitness through the Outdoors - Perspectives from Older Adults
  • Quiet Revolution in Alternative Education
  • Wheel of the Year: Rising of the Sap
  • Practical Ecophilosophy: What is Good Eco-Ethical Practice?
  • Improving your Understanding of WHY Outdoor Learning is Effective
  • Know your stuff. Sand Dune Plants
  • To Strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. Judgement and moral courage. PART 2
  • Land Navigation - Coaching Concepts
  • EarthWise
  • IOL Insights 
  • Perspective  (by IOL CEO Andy Robinson)

Horizons (72) Winter 2015 

  • Outdoor Learning - Adults Included
  • The Wheel of the Year - through dark times
  • To Strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. Judgement and moral courage. Part 1
  • Orienteering for Empowerment a rare form of praxis
  • Exploring Mindset through Outdoor Learning
  • What’s it all about at the IOL Bushcraft Special Events?
  • Know your stuff. Trees in Winter
  • Outdoor Therapy: Where do you stand?
  • Active Ageing and the Outdoors: A repsonse to Hickman, Beard and Inkster
  • EarthWise
  • IOL Insights
  • Perspective  (by IOL CEO Andy Robinson)

Horizons (71) Autumn 2015 

  • Learning beyond the stockade - How schools can create learning areas in their communities  
  • What sort of outdoor leader are you and where is your career going?
  • Know your stuff. Hedgerow Harvest
  • TheActionofPeace - A Poem
  • The Wheel of the Year
  • Just William: Breaking down the barriers to  employment for people with learning disabilities
  • “Orient-tea-drinking’ or ‘the most adventurous thing we do’
  • Outdoor Learning and the UNESCO ESD agenda: Could we do more?
  • Alternative options providing inclusive outdoor learning
  • Hill or Mountain - A young person’s journey to the outdoor

  • EarthWise 
  • GreenScene 
  • IOL Insights
  • Perspective  (by IOL CEO Andy Robinson)
H71 cover image

HORIZONS (70) - Summer 2015

    • Stark correlations between the changes within Norwegian Friluftsliv and British outdoor practice 
    • What is this open water swimming malarkey? 
    • The poetry of fieldwork
    • The crème egg of evaluation
    • Know your stuff. British heathlands
    • Evidencing the impact of youth work in the outdoors
    • Ageing and the outdoors
    • The pros and cons of specialist adaptive equipment
    • Do you know WHY?
    • What can accelerate progress and attainment, improve schools and transform teaching and learning?
    • EarthWise 
    • GreenScene 
    • IOL Insights
    • Perspective - Under-valued?  (by IOL CEO Andy Robinson)

HORIZONS (69) - Spring 2015

      • The relationship between music and outdoor education   
      • Is working in the outdoors a profession - and why does it matter?
      • Do we damage the places we visit when we ‘go out to play’?    
      • Know your stuff. Glacial Landforms  
      • Above and Beyond  
      • Challenge and residential education experiences  
      • Inclusion or specialisation - that is the question
  • NAFSO and IOL
  • EarthWise 
  • GreenScene 
  • IOL Insights
  • In celebration of an inspirational pioneering leader
  • Perspective - What Works?  (by IOL CEO Andy Robinson)
H69 cover

HORIZONS (68) - Winter 2014

  • How useful is your origami sword? A simple approach to risk management documents
  • A Mountain Rescue day for young people
  • Reviewing for Wellbeing
  • About the John Muir Award
  • Reflecting on reflection - a bumpy journey to a brilliant destination by Morgan Lax
  • Character, Calmness and Carrying-on
  • The Impact of Gratitude
  • Oooooooo Aaaaaaah “Ort Report”
  • Impressions from IOL 2014 National Conference
  • Book Review - The Walker’s Guide to Outdoor Clues and Signs - Their Meaning and the Art of Making Predictions and Deductions - Author: Tristan Gooley
  • EarthWise
  • GreenScene
  • IOL Insights
  • Perspective - In Rude Health  (by IOL CEO Andy Robinson)

Horizons 68 cover

HORIZONS (67) - Autumn 2014

        • Evidence for a ‘pathway’ of Learning for School Children on Residential Outdoor Education Courses 
        • A Curriculum for Life: or, How to be Fit, Healthy, and Socially and Personally Fulfilled
        • White Water Rafting 
        • Trading Places
        • Science and Sustainability in the Natural World 
        • Do we really need more Climbing Awards?
        • Managing a Rapidly Changing Workplace - Ash Ghyll - A force to be reckoned with
        • Narrative Journey: Storying Landscapes for Children’s Adventurous Outdoor Play and Experiential Learning
        • EarthWise - Events: A Challenge to the National Parks
        • GreenScene
        • IOL Insights
        • Perspective - A Dynamic Sector?  (by IOL CEO Andy Robinson)
H67 cover

HORIZONS (66) - Summer 2014

  • R U Slacklining Yet?
  • The Spirit of Bushcraft
  • Reflective Practice: …for meaningful and real-world understanding
  • A Recipe for Green Pioneers
  • LOtC…….sparkling or still?
  • Outdoor Education in Wales: a return to dark days or a brighter future?
  • Making it Brief

H66 cover

HORIZONS (65) - Spring 2014

    • Outdoor First Aid FAQs
    • Leaders and the Expedition Model
    • Competencies for OMD Consultants
    • The Classroom Adventure
    • Assessing the Size of the Sector
    • When is a Journey a Journey?
    • Mine Exploring with Groups
    • Water Safety Management
    • Outdoor Learning in Burundi

Regular Features

  • IOL 2014 National Conference
  • Perspective - by IOL CEO, Andy Robinson
  • EarthWise
  • Liability cover for IOL Members
  • GreenScene
  • Prize Draw
  • Making the most of your IOL Membership
  • IOL Insights
  • Busy times supporting you.... IOL Chair editorial
H65 cover image
  • Risk Management for Adventure 
  • Barriers to outdoor play and nature connection for inner city children
  • The Courage of Silence
  • Progression in Paddlesport
  • Are you a Reflective Practitioner?
  • Some Lessons for us all from an Avalanche in Scotland
  • A Research Programme to Explore the Effect of Overseas Expeditions on Personal Development Outcomes 
  • Don’t talk to me about soft skills! 
  • Parents and Toddler Outdoor Plat
Regular Features
  • Perspective - by IOL CEO, Andy Robinson.
    Screen Time vs Outdoor Time
  • EarthWise - Making the Most of the Seasons
  • IOL Insights 
  • IOL - Regional Conferences
  • IOL - Highlighting new features
  • Who are the IOL Employers Group?
  • Book review: “RSPB Handbook of the Seashore” Author:  Maya Plass
  • GreenScene
- See more at:
  • Risk Management for Adventure 
  • Barriers to outdoor play and nature connection for inner city children
  • The Courage of Silence
  • Progression in Paddlesport
  • Are you a Reflective Practitioner?
  • Some Lessons for us all from an Avalanche in Scotland
  • A Research Programme to Explore the Effect of Overseas Expeditions on Personal Development Outcomes 
  • Don’t talk to me about soft skills! 
  • Parents and Toddler Outdoor Plat
Regular Features
  • Perspective - by IOL CEO, Andy Robinson.
    Screen Time vs Outdoor Time
  • EarthWise - Making the Most of the Seasons
  • IOL Insights 
  • IOL - Regional Conferences
  • IOL - Highlighting new features
  • Who are the IOL Employers Group?
  • Book review: “RSPB Handbook of the Seashore” Author:  Maya Plass
  • GreenScene
- See more at:
  • HORIZONS (64) - Winter 2013

    • Risk Management for Adventure 
    • Barriers to outdoor play and nature connection for inner city children
    • The Courage of Silence
    • Progression in Paddlesport
    • Are you a Reflective Practitioner?
    • Some Lessons for us all from an Avalanche in Scotland
    • A Research Programme to Explore the Effect of Overseas Expeditions on Personal Development Outcomes 
    • Don’t talk to me about soft skills! 
    • Parents and Toddler Outdoor Plat
    Regular Features
    • Perspective - by IOL CEO, Andy Robinson.
      Screen Time vs Outdoor Time
    • EarthWise - Making the Most of the Seasons
    • IOL Insights 
    • IOL - Regional Conferences
    • IOL - Highlighting new features
    • Who are the IOL Employers Group?
    • Book review: “RSPB Handbook of the Seashore” Author:  Maya Plass
    • GreenScene
Cover of H64
  • HORIZONS (63) - Autumn 2013 

  • Does Adventure Contribute to the Making of a Better Person? 
  • The Totem Pole: A Practical Approach to Programme Planning  
  • Adventurous Learning with an Antarctica Expedition theme
  • Developing a Theory of Change
  • Lesson Learned: Student falls from Aerial Runway Activity 
  • Does Bushcraft have a place in Formal Education?
  • Space for Learning 
  • Full Day Adventure 
  • Outdoor First Aid Training By Outdoor Practitioners 
  • Seeing a world through their eyes. Learning from a 5½ year old, a rabbit and a boat ride with Aunty
  • Perspective - by IOL CEO, Andy Robinson. Transfer of Learning
  • EarthWise - Conserving Catchments
  • IOL Insights 
  • Book review: “Outdoor Adventure and Social Theory"
  • GreenScene
  • 'Do You Know Your Butterflies' quiz

H63 cover
  • HORIZONS 62 (Summer 2013)

Articles and regular features:

- Perspective: CPD: Continuous Professional Development OR Costly Persistent Distraction? (by IOL CEO Andy Robinson)
- So, what exactly does the IOL Bushcraft SIG do?
- Expedition Experience: A Progressive Development Model
- Lesson Learned: Do What You Say or Say What You Do
- Reflections on Climbing
- Hidden Pathways: Thoughts on Effective Group Dynamics
- We had a Toadtastic Time
- Facilitation:an Instructor’s Journey of Discovery
- What you, the IOL Members, think: The results of the 2012 IOL Membership survey (by Jon Crosbie, IOL Chair)
-  Imagination, Creativity and the Importance of Transport Planes
- A Brief History of Forest School in the UK - part 2
- EarthWise - Values and Skills in a Rapidly Changing World
- IOL Insights
- GreenScene

H62 cover pic
  • HORIZONS 61 (Spring 2013) NEW LOOK!

Articles and regular features:

- Perspective: The Common Professional (by IOL CEO Andy Robinson)
- Does Mountain Biking have a Place in Multi Activity Programmes
Saving A Centre - A Story of Divestment
- A Reflection on APIOL
- LPIOL Profile of Higher Education
- Pioneering: Building on Something Constructive
- Reconciliation - A Journey
- Wildlife Quiz - just for fun
- What is the Place of Assessment in Outdoor Learning
- Bushcraft: Lessons for Life
- Boys and Girl’s Reflections of a 6-week Forest School Programme
- Accreditation with IOL - Designed for Practitioners
- EarthWise - Outdoors in the City
- IOL Insights
- GreenScene

Horizons 61 cover pic
  • HORIZONS 60 (Winter 2012)

Articles and regular features:

- Perspective: It’s not all about evidence
- A Refreshing New Approach to Open-Water Safety
- Youth Expedition Leader - ML or Coach
- Maps can be Challenging
- Lessons Learned from a Death on Dartmoor
- Cure-all or Snake-oil? - A look at the claims we make about the benefits of outdoor learning and how we justify, and provide evidence for, those claims
- Lessons from the Middle East
- BMX Highriders: Pumping up the style for young people with a range of abilities
- Breaking Barriers - A Journey of Inclusion
- Complexity and Emergence
- A Brief History of the Roots of Forest School in the UK
- GEARTalk
- GREENscene
Horizons 60 cover image
  • HORIZONS 59 (Autumn 2012)

Articles and regular features:

- Perspective: A Sense of Place
- Outdoor Learning: a many splendoured thing?
- “The Art of the Possible” - political lobbying - successes, failures and lessons learned
- Expedition Leadership and APIOL
- Who are you going to call? An overview on Mountain Rescue in the UK and how to call them if you need them
- Forest School - How creative processes impact on emotional well-being
- Youth Expedition Leader: Mountain Leader or Coach?
- Outdoor Education: Teachers qualifications, perceived knowledge and a developing course of study in Western Australia
- LOtC - ‘A Helping Hand’ - the Story behind the new OEAP Environmental Learning Cards
- Making Outdoor Learning Sustainable
- Autumn Art
- Right to Reply: Re: Should Instructors wear helmets for activities where they expect their groups to wear them?
- EARTHwise
- GEARTalk
- GREENscene
Horizons 59 cover
  • HORIZONS 58 (Summer 2012)

Articles and regular features:

- Perspectives: Nature Deficit or Nature Obsession
- National Accounts of Wellbeing – What might these mean for Outdoor Learning?
- Meall nan Tarmachan - A Poem
- Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Practice Expeditions: Bigger can be better
- The World in 2020 – whither outdoor learning?
- Top Ten Tips on Writing an Article
- Summer Art
- Degrees in Outdoor Learning:  A worthy investment
- Solution-Focused Practice Outdoors or, “If it works well let’s have some more!”
- Venturing Reflections: Heritage crafts, Storytelling and Nature Connection as a purposeful developmental programme
- Teaching Skills as a Core Part of a School Curriculum
- Should Instructors wear helmets for activities where they expect their groups to wear them?
- Designing a Treasure Hunt Activity
- Wisdom of Pearls
- The Challenge of Events
- EARTHwise
- GEARTalk
- GREENscene
Horizons 58 Cover image
  • HORIZONS 57 (Spring 2012)

Articles and regular features:

- Perspectives: A Role for Local Authority Outdoor Centres in Remote Locations
- OPAL Surveys - Engaging environmental activities that can be done anywhere and contribute to a national research programme
- The Reaching Out Project: Developmental and therapeutic use of the Outdoors for building self-reliance in Youth-at-Risk
- What is Outdoor Learning?
- Weathering the Storm
- Learning Outside the Classroom...On your Doorstep
- Climbing with Groups: How did it come to this?
- Effective Diagloue in Outdoor Work
- It’s Not what You Know...
- Spring Art
- Accessible Outdoor Learning
- EARTHwise
- GEARTalk
- GREENscene
Horizons 57 cover image
  • HORIZONS 56 (Winter 2011)

Articles and regular features:

- Perspectives: Access to Adventure  - The Inspector is Coming!
- Planning and Using Outdoor Education: Developing transferable skills
- Bulwell Young Leaders: Students who really make a difference
- Outdoor Adventure Therapy... What, Why and Where Next?
- Winter Art
- Lessons Learned from a New Zealand Gorge Tragedy
- Promoting a Can Do Attitude: Evaluating and Celebrating 25 years of working with young people
- Changing Times for Outdoor Learning in Wales: Outdoor Learning Cards, Adventurous Activities and Physical Education - IOL National Conference 2012 announced
- IOL Photography competition winners
- EARTHwise
- GEARTalk
- GREENscene
- Book reviews
- New books in the IOL Bookshop
Horizons 56 cover
  • HORIZONS 55 (Autumn 2011)
* Earthwise
- Celebrating Woods - by Geoff Cooper
* Outdoor Education
- Big Screen Magic: Using a Slide Show for Reflection - by Sam Moore
- Moor to Sea on the Avon - by Maya Plass
* Insight
- Outdoor Learning and Ageing - by Di Collins
* Professional Matters
- Learning from the French  - by Max Norris
- Legal Eagle - by James Willis
- Dialogue, Critique and Creativity - by Richard Lemmey
- Greening Outdoor Practice - by Dr Kate Rawles
* Profile
- Eco-Schools and Eco-Centres - by Suzie McGuiggan
* Development Training
- Slaying Dragons with Chickens and Eggs - by Geoff Price
* Spirituality
- Discussing the ‘S’ Word - by Mike Ryder
* Theory & Practice
- Metaphorical Meaning - by Justin Lowe
* Expeditioning
Adventure Motorcycling - by Matt Healey
* Perspective
Access to Adventure  - by Andy Robinson, IOL CEO

  • HORIZONS 54 (Summer 2011)
* Outdoor Education
- Extending the Value of Outdoor Education - by Roger Morris
- Forest Schools Programme Planning - by Sarah Blackwell
* Professional Matters
- Volunteering - by Steve Layt
* Health & Safety
-From license holders to cowboys: what is the middle ground regarding safety requirements
- by Ian Harris
* Insight
- Triple Crunch, New Economics and the Outdoors - by Marcus Bailie
- Sharing in your Special Interest: The IOL Special Interest Groups
* Expeditions
- D of E Award: Training for Success, an Outdoor Instructor's Perspective - by Chris Millett
* Sport & Recreation
- Managing Mountain Bike Groups - by Dan Cook
* Perspective
- Evolution not Revolution - by Andy Robinson, IOL CEO
Horizons 54 cover
  • HORIZONS 53 (Spring 2011)
* Outdoor Education
- Do Learners Learn what Teachers Teach? - by Orlando Rutter
- Using Personal Goal Setting to Individualise the OE Centre Experience - by Dave Harvey
* Insight
- Tracking and the Art of Seeing - by Steve Hanton
- Holistic Leadership - by Bob Larcher
* Professional Matters
- Tools, Toolboxes and Solutions - by David Crossland
- No Fear - by Colin Imrie
- Can you Talk the Talk as well as Doing the Walk? - by Lawrence Chapman
- Life and Times of the "Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning" - by Dave Hardy
* Health & Safety
- Risk Benefit Analysis - by Tim Morton
- Manchester Hole 2005 - by the Lessons Learned Group
* Sport & Recreation
- Going up: Understanding and Developing Efficient Uphill Walking - by Richard Ensoll
Horizons 53 cover image
  • HORIZONS 52 (Winter 2010)
* Philosophy
- Philosophy for Children and Outdoor Learning - by Jane Yates
* Spirituality
- How we View Nature: A look into the Human View of Nature in the Modern World - by Shevek Pring
* Health & Safety
- Human Error Accidents in Adventure Activities: Cause and Prevention - by Marcus Bailie
- Common Sense, Common Safety? = by Julian Penney
* Outdoor Education
- Plas Gwynant: Community, Youth and the Environment in the Heart of North Wales - by Dan Jackson
- Under our own Steam: "Sustainable Residential Experiences" - What exaclty do we mean? - by Anthea Hanson
* Professional Matters
- What to do Following an Accident - by Matthew Davies
- The IOL 2 Day National Conference - a report on our biggest Conference event to date
* Professional Development
- "This isn't PE, it's not Physical Enough" - by Matt Healey

Horizons 52 cover image
  •  HORIZONS 51 (AUTUMN 2010)
* Development Training
- Outdoor Learning and learning cycles - by Jonathan Lynch    
* Outdoor Philosophy 
- True tales of adventure - by Dr Chris Loynes
- Just leave them alone - by Richard Simpson    
* Professional Insight
- The Heart of Bushcraft pt 2 - by Dave Watson    
* Professional Matters
- Expedition food safety - by Helen Littlejohn
- Why are ethnic minorities so under represented in the national parks of Great Britain - by Stuart Garbutt    
* Environment & Nature
- Spectacular Ospreys - by Christina Turtle   
* Management Development 
- Developing transformational leadership through outdoor and experiential learning - by William Stephen
* Health & Safety - Lessons learned - caving incident. Five steps to reason  - by David J Ball


  • HORIZONS 50 (SUMMER 2010)
* Outdoor Learning & Education
- Outdoor Learning, Environment and Sustainability: Seeing the big picture - by Geoff Cooper
- To infinity and Beyond: 21 Disabled Young People in Finland - by James Hogan
 - Dialect? Outdoor Education? Whatever Next? - by Ron Bulmer
* Tools of the Trade 
- The Map Stick - by Dr. Joseph Gibson
 - Learning - by Bob Larcher
* Expeditioning
- N2W: Northampton to wales, staff development on the move - by Mike Fawcett
* Health & Safety - Lessons to be Learnt : A dinghy sailing accident
* Professional Matters
- Quality in Adventurous Activities - Accreditation Badge
* Professional Development 
- Adventure and its Relationship to Outdoor Learning - by Elspeth Mason


  • HORIZONS 49 (SPRING 2010)
* Outdoor and Environmental Education
- Outdoor Learning, Environment and Sustainability: Seeing the big picture - by Geoff Cooper
- The Knowledge & Attitudes of Outdoor Instructors Towards Conservation & the Environment - by Jim Langley
* History of Outdoor Learning
- Always go Back to First Principles: A Retrospective on Kurt Hahn - by Richard Tarran
* Personal and Professional Development
- The Courage to Journey - by Bettina Maccariello
* Youth Work in the Outdoors
- Access for All - by Nicola Campbell
* Health & Safety
- The Search for the Philosophers Stone: or the Myth of Hands Off Belay - by John Mason
* Coaching & Development
- Understanding the Deeper Structure of our Students Language and Communication in NLP - by Kim Bull
* Professional Matters
- Workers in the Outdoor Sector: Should they be Consdered part of a Professional Body? - by RJ Leigh


  • HORIZONS 48 (WINTER 2009)

* A View From.... Signs of the Times - by Geoff Cooper
* Development/Youth Training
- Imagine a Life - by Kenny Comain
* Tools of the Trade
- Peer Belaying - by David Crossland
- A Portable Reflection Tool - by Izzy Bartley
* Outdoor Education
- Forest School and Beyond - by Sonia Wright
* Spirituality
- Green and Pleasant Land - by Dan Whittaker with Roger Orgill
* Health & Safety
- Come Down When You're Ready
- by Marcus Bailie and Sam Crymble
* Personal Development
- The Spirit of Adventure - by Colin Mortlock
- Nature Quests: Beyond your Wildest Dreams - by Huw Wyn
* Professional Matters
- Mutuality and the Outdoors Sector 






•  A View From.... Diversity - by Heather Crawford
•  GreenScene - Regular feature in Horizons - Edited by Ken Ogilvie
•  Tools of the Trade - Dancing on Moving Ground pt2: Developing Self-awareness - by Sue Orton
•  Expeditions - Walk on the Wild Side - by Amanda West
•  Outdoor Educcation - Some Thoughts on Getting Youngsters out of the Classroom - by Richard Simpson
•  Health and Safety - Juggling with Fire: Whose Risk Assessment is it Anyway - by Dave Hopwood
•   Spirituality - Time for Reconnection - by Roger Orgill with Dan Whittaker
-  And What is good, Phaedrus - by Ken Zetie
•  Professional Matters -  Mountain Leader Training - by Rachael Hinchcliffe

•  A View From.... Trophy Hunting - by Heather Crawford
•  GreenScene -  Regular feature in Horizons - Edited by Ken Ogilvie
•  Outdoor Education & Field Studies - Forest school and Learning outside the classroom - by John Cree
•  Health & Safety - Belay if you will... or, how to spot lemons and be a swan rather than a turkey in climbing related activities - by David Crossland, Anne Salisbury, Marcus Bailie
-    Lessons learned from management failings at a climbing wall - by the Lessons Learned Group
•  Tools of the Trade -  John Adair Revisited - by Bob Larcher
•   Professional Development - Making the leap from outdoor instructor to classroom teaching and back again - by Glen Probert
•  Professional Matters -  Flying the flag - by David Harvey
-  How to write an outdoor CV - by Sam Moore
•  GEARtalk - gear feature - by John Traynor
•  Professional Insight - The Heart of Bushcraft - by Dave Watson
•  Expeditioning - In the Footsteps of our Ancestors - by John Raven
•  History of Outdoor Learning -  Game and Play - by Ivo Jirásek, Andrew Martin & Ivana Turcová

A View From.... Heroes - by Heather Crawford
GreenScene - Regular feature in Horizons - Edited by Ken Ogilvie
Outdoor Education & Field Studies - How Can OL Programmes Best Link to and Support Student’s School Based Learning - by Simon Willis
•  Health & Safety - Lessons from a Short Roping Incident - by the Lessons Learned Group
•  Tools of the Trade - Dancing on Moving Ground - by Sue Orton
•  Development Training - Developing & Measuring increases in Gumption, Moral Fibre & the Building of Character - by John Weinstock
•  GEARtalk - gear feature - Our GEARtalk feature - by John Traynor
•  Professional Insight  - The Heart of Bushcraft - by Dave Watson
•  Expeditioning - In the Footsteps of our Ancestors - by John Raven
•  History of Outdoor Learning  - Game and Play - by Ivo Jirásek, Andrew Martin & Ivana Turcová
•  Insight  - Social Forestry: Experience for a Lifetime in the Woods - Sarah Blackwell and Kenny Comain
•  A View From... - Exploring a Spiritual Understanding - Mike Fawcett
•  GreenScene - A New feature in Horizons - Edited by Ken Ogilvie
•  Outdoor Education & Field Studies - Coming of Age for Outdoor Learning - by Geoff Cooper
- Outdoor Learning in South African Schools - by Sarah and Loz Colyer
•  Health & Safety - Lessons from Managed Caving Incidents - by the Lessons Learned Group
•  Tools of the Trade - Excluded and Challenging, but Able to Learn - by Roger Hopper
•  Outdoor Education & Development Training - Adventure Education: Junk Food or Healthy Diet - by David Crossland
•  GEARtalk - gear feature - by John Traynor
•  Professional Matters - Bullying - by Heather Crawford
•  Reflections - The Prints we Leave - by Geoff Cooper

•  Professional Insight -  The Language of Change - by Marcus Bailie      
•  Youth Development Training -  Airborne Initiative: too many people to satisfy - by Peter Barnes & Kate Stewart
•  Outdoor Education & Field Studies -    Every Child Matter: Part 2 - by Lucy Maynard
-  Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge System - by Karen Frith
-  Applying Meta-Analysis to Czech Outdoor Research -  by Dusan Bartinik, Jan Neuman & Andy Martin
•  Health & Safety -  Lessons Learned from a Mountain Biking Incident - by the Lessons Learned Group
•  Expeditioning -  Grow Your Own - by Neil Hapgood
•  Tools of the Trade -  Groupthink - by Bob Larcher
•  GEARtalk - first gear feature - Our first GEARtalk feature - by John Traynor
•  Professional Matters - Badging Adventure Safety and Quality: A report on work in progress - by Bob Barton & Martin Hudson
•  Reflections -  Free CPD or Life Lessons from your pet by David Crossland

•  Professional Insight - Hidden Messages - Teaching Fear
-  Bet Your Life We Can! Do we mean Risk or do we mean Challenge?      
•  Outdoor Education & Field Studies -  Going Global Outdoors - Next Step
-  Trips within Trips: A Russian Doll Approach to Residentials
•  Professional Development -  Doing APIOL in the Remotest World Capital
•  Environment & Sustainability -  A Totally New Perspective on the Universe
•  Youth Development Training -  Rites of Passage and Todays Modern Youth
•  Tools of the Trade -  Reflections on Leadership: Covey, Dilts and Nature
-  Helping to Include Maths in Outdoor Education
•  Organisation Profile - The National Skills Academy - Sport and Active Leisure

•  Professional Matters -  Challenging Behaviour in an Outdoor Environment
-  Ceud Mile Failte: Access to the Great Outdoors in Scotland. Part 1      
•  Outdoor Education & Field Studies -  Bee Watching
•  Professional Development -  On the Back Foot: in which we aim to re-affirm our enlightenment values despite being temporarily in an uncomfortable position
-  RPIOL, APIOL, LPIOL - What DOES it all Mean?
•  Sport & Recreation -  The Climbing Wall Award
•  Environment & Sustainability -  On Growing Potatoes and Outdoor Education
-  What’s that Moving Across the Sky
•  Youth Work & Development Training  - Boys to Men
•  Development Training & HE -  In the Stretch Zone
•  Heatlh & Safety -  Lessons Learned: A Zipwire Incident
•  Professional Insight -  The View From... Bereavement

•  Professional Matters - Troubled & Troublesome Youth: A Growing Problem?
-  All Change, No Change, Some Change       
•  Tools of the Trade -  Developmental Outdoor Learning Model
•  Spirituality - The View From... Hug a Hoodie
•  Outdoor Education -  Being in Nature - Summer Camp, but not as we know it
•  Environment & Sustainability - Going Global in the Outdoors
-  Oh Goodie - the Nights are Drawing in
•  History of Outdoor Learning - Once More into the Tarn Dear Friends
•  Heatlh & Safety -  We are about Saving Lives, Not Stopping Living - HSE statement
-  Some Safety Tips for Open Boats on Moving Water
•  Expedititioning - Individual Liberty and Social Order on Expeditions

•  Professional Matters - Beyond the Nanny State - by Marcus Bailie
•  Tools of the Trade -  Using the Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic (VAK) Model to Help Our Students -  by Kim Bull
•  Spirituality - The View From... Obsession: or... why do we shy away from reflection? - by Heather Crawford
•  Outdoor Education - Every Child Matters - by Lucy Maynard
•  Sport & Recreation -  Hit the Surf! - by Amy Caldwell
•  Professional Development -  Is my Navigation Good Enough - by Nigel Williams
•  Heatlh & Safety - Lessons Learned by a Flash Flood ... - by the Lessons Learned Group
•  Activity Ideas - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - by Stuart Lynn
•  Development Training - Outreach Work - Adding Value to a Residential - by Annabel Kent
•  Expeditioning - A Testing Time for Mind and Body - by Ann Fuchs
•  Team Development - What Makes a Team Tick? - by Bob Larcher

Horizons 38 (Summer 2007)
•  Professional Matters - Leadership - the Only Safe Ship in a Storm - by Karen Brush
•  Tools of the Trade -  Group Development Models: A Comparison -  by Bob Larcher
-  NLP Coaching - Tuning in to the Students’ Convention - by Kim Bull
-  Windows on the World.. and into OE - by Karen Stuart
•  Spirituality - The View from Spirituality - by Heather Crawford
•  Outdoor Education - The Potential for Outdoor Learning - PLUS - Outdoor Connections Report - by Dave Spence
•  Sport & Recreation -  Relocation Strategies - by Nigel Williams
- Outfitting a Canoe for Journeying - by Nancy Brooks
•  Curriculum -  Once upon a Time: Early Years OL - by Kathryn Solly
•  Heatlh & Safety -  Better Drowned than Duffers... - by David Crossland


ISSUE 37 (SPRING 2007)
•  Professional Matters - The View From... What Price Cotton Wool? by Heather CrawfordTools of the Trade
-  Up and Down the Ladder of Inference -  by Bob Larcher
•  Expeditioning - Paul’s Journey: A Students Tale - by Paul Monahan
•  Outdoor Education - On a Hot Summer night  - by David Crossland
-  Activity Centres or Outdoor Education Centres? by Geoff Cooper
-  Adventure Racing for Schools - by Andy Scrutton
•  Sport & Recreation - The Teaching of Navigation Skills: Time for a Review?  by Nigel Williams
•  Development Training - Does my Bum Look Big in This? - by Karen Stuart
•  Professional Development - The Walking Group Leader Award - by Mal Creasey
•  FINAL WORD - Where are you taking the kids this summer? by Howie Crook

ISSUE 36 (WINTER 2006)
•  Outdoor Education & Field Studies - The View From... Leave no Child Inside - by Heather Crawford
•  Outdoor Education - How Unicorns Learn - by Dust Kunkell
•  Tools of the Trade -  Recycling or Reviewing  - by Justin Lowe
-  Logical Levels - by Elspeth Mason
•  Health & Safety - Lessons Learned - When Rafted Canoeing Goes Wrong -  by the Lessons Learned Group
-  Risk Assessment, Safety and All That..  - by Marcus Bailie
•  Expeditioning -  Bringing Inspiration in from the Cold: Four Teachers Expedition to Antarctica - by Ann Fuchs
•  Sport & Recreation -  Beyond Safe Leadership... Getting Fluffy – by Gareth Field
•  Theory into Practice - From Transfer to Reconstruction: The Process of Deploying Learning Elsewhere - by Wil Payne and Jon Owen
-  Phase Transitions and the Perception of Risk - by Paul Watts
•  Development Training -  Welcome to Outdoorsland - Bill Krowel

ISSUE 35 (AUTUMN 2006)
•  Outdoor Education & Field Studies -  Broad Futures: Providing Support to Learning and Sustainability in the Broads
•  Spirituality -  The Spiritual Journey of Floating Stone
•  Conservation & Sustainability  - The Wider View: Environment, Sustainability and the Outdoors
•  Personal Development - Perls, Perspective and the Pot
•  Sport & Recreation - Navigating Confidently
•  Health & Safety - Health & Safety for Managers
•  Professional Matters - The View From... Gaining Recognition
-  Ballpark and Benchmarks - APIOL
-  Children’s Trusts and Outdoor Learning

ISSUE 34 (SUMMER 2006)
•  Health and Safety -  Instructor Died Preparing Zip Wire Session
-  Cycle of Competence: Model for Risk Assessment in the Outdoors
•  Professional Matters -  An Employee Perspective (click here to view this article as a PDF)
-  How Big is the Outdoor Sector
•  Activity Ideas - Using Friction Fire Lighting with Groups
-  Adding Environmental Value
•  Spirituality -  Hell on Earth or a Glimpse of Heaven
•  Outdoor Education and Field Studies -  Lost at Sea: OE and Enterprise Skills
-  Serendipity and Co-learning in OE
•  Conservation -  Engagement or Avoidance
-  Sustainable School Consultation
•  Tools of the Trade -  Questions

ISSUE 33 (SPRING 2006)
•  Health & Recreation - The Outdoors for Health
•  Development Training -  Creative Course Design: Reflection on a Trainers’ Workshop
•  Professional Matters -  Out There and Active: Asthma UK Campaign - by Patrick Ladbury
•  Activity Ideas - A Pictorial Feature  -  Journey Sticks illustrations
•  Health & Safety - Groups and Peer Belaying
•  Spirituality - Meaningful Silence (click here to view this article as a PDF)
•  Outdoor Education & Field Studies - Disconnected Children (click here to view this article as a PDF)
•  Sport & Recreation - Search and Rescue – by Karen-Jane Brush
-  Global Positioning Systems (GPS): Boy’s Toy’s or Serious Navigation Aid?
•  Professional Matters - Staff in the Field of Outdoor Education
-  Careers in the Outdoors

ISSUE 32 (WINTER 2005)
•  Outdoor Education and Field Studies - Making Environmental Education Meaningful
-  Aiming Higher in Pursuit of Excellence
•  Professional Development - Tools of the Trade
-  Kit I Couldn't Live Without!
•  Professional Matters - Maturation of the Field
•  Medical Matters - Chill Out
•  Sustainability and Conservation - Uncorking the Bottle
- Coasteering in Wales
•  Spirituality - Extending the Spiritual Journey

ISSUE 31 (AUTUMN 2005)
•  Current Initiatives in Education - Strengthen the position of outdoor learning
•  Outdoor Education and Field Studies - Going global in the outdoors
-  If you go down to the woods today
•  Professional Development - Talking shop: teamwork and communication
-  Joining the dots
•  Professional Matters - Working together in Europe
-  First aid: what's in it for you?
-  APIOL: more than a name
•  Tools of the Trade - Johari window follow-up
•  Environment and Conservation - Red alert!
•  Exploration and expeditioning - Kayaking the Baltic Archipelago

ISSUE 30 (SUMMER 2005)
•  Expedition and Adventure - Students to the Ends of the Earth
-  Glen Almond College Expedition
•  Outdoor Education and Field Studies - The Value of Fieldwork Today
•  Professional Matters - APIOL Out and About
•  Environment and Conservation - Caving with Groups and Conservation
•  Youth Development and Development Training - The Johari Window
•  The History of Outdoor Learning - Mabel's Legacy

ISSUE 29 (SPRING 2005)

•  Development Training and Leadership - Any Questions
•  Out and About - Owls of the British Isles
•  Outdoor Education and Field Studies - Spreading the Word in Iran
-  A GCSE in Woodland Survival Skills
-  The Value of Outdoor Learning for Schools
•  Professional Matters - The Accident Chain
-  Competent People versus Copious Paper
-  Junior Orienteering and Awards for All
•  Soapbox - Foul Play? - The Insurance Adventure
•  Sport and Recreation - In Terrain that Walking Routes Avoid: the Joys of Mountaineering Begin
•  Youth Development and Management Training - Support and Challenge: More than a Working Model

ISSUE 28 (WINTER 2004)
•  Professional Matters - DDA and all that...
•  Outdoor Education and Field Studies - Is Outdoor Education the 'Real Thing'?
•  Development Training and Leadership - Differences Between People and a Problem Solving Model
•  Expedition, Exploration and Adventure - Sail for Independence Project
•  Environmental Matters - 20 Years of Raising Environmental Awareness
•  Activity Ideas - reviewing ropes courses
•  Sport and Recreation - Mountain Biking... a Relic of the Past or the Key to the Future
•  Spirituality and Healing - Gross National Happiness
•  Out and About - It was wet; we took a boat
•  Soapbox - Foul Play? - The Insurance Adventure

ISSUE 27 (AUTUMN 2004)
•  Professional Matters - near misses, boundaries and responsibilities
•  Outdoor Education and Field Studies - Kurt Hahn and Round Square
•  Development Training and Leadership - the role of OMD in the management development process
•  Personal and Professional Development - Lucy on the edge: language without limits
•  Expedition, Exploration and Adventure - Duke of Edinburgh's Award horse ventures
•  Activity Ideas - junk percussion; art, people and play; people in action
•  Sport and Recreation - wet feet, soul intact
•  Putting Something Back - John Muir Award

ISSUE 26 (SUMMER 2004)

•  Personal Growth - firefighting and leadership
•  Education and Field Studies - from outdoor learning to Stone Age film
•  Development Training and Leadership - helping people to achieve results
•  Professional Matters - what is Access for All?
•  Sport and Recreation - canoe tarps
•  Activity Ideas - environmental art; icebreakers, reviewing and educating aliens
•  Working at Heights regulations update
•  Expedition and Adventure

ISSUE 25 (SPRING 2004)
•  Corporate Killing - the Future
•  APIOL - Helping your Professional Development in 2004
•  How School Groups benefit from Outdoor Experiences
•  Equity and the Outdoor Professional
•  So, what goes into an Outdoor Education Degree - and are we getting it right?
•  Degrees in the 'Outdoors'! What's the purpose, what's the point? The Finnish Project
•  Let's think about Reflection
•  Research and Practice in Outdoor Development Training: what about it?
•  Ethics of Adventure

ISSUE 24 (WINTER 2003)
•  Lessons Learned from Stainforth Beck?
•  But, when do they do their lessons? The 'Outdoor Classroom' at the Steiner South Devon School
•  The Use of Outdoor Management Development
•  Just Outdoors - Outdoor Education in the School Grounds
•  Highlighting the work of Learning Through Landscapes which is the National School Grounds charity. They work with schools, organisations and individuals across the country to help them improve and develop their school grounds. Click here to download further information about LTL
•  The Outdoors from a Czech Perspective
•  Allegations - a risk worth taking
•  Understanding Other People's Responses to Outdoor Activities - working with difference
•  Connexions and Outdoor Development - supporting 16 and 18 year olds' transition to adult life
•  What are we up to?

ISSUE 23 (AUTUMN 2003)

•  Thinking Wide: Leadership, Outdoor Education and Development in Zambia
•  Take my Breathe Away: why the outdoors may be an effective repository for spiritual development
•  The Third Adventure Therapy Conference
•  Inside and Outside: art and psychology at Schumacher College
•  So...what do we teach anyway?
•  Recipe for 'Respect'
•  Are Youth Opportunities for Adventue Learning being Stiffled by the Law?
•  Learning the Ropes: a SpeyGrian sailing tale
•  Background to the SpeyGrian Initiative
•  Safety on the Hills in Winter: avalanche risk - snow information
•  The Outdoors, Naturally

ISSUE 22 (SUMMER 2003)

•  Stop Making Sense: The Outdoors as Art; part 1
•  In the Footsteps of nature: Nature Therapy as an Emerging Therapeutic Educational Model
•  Therapeutic Applications of Adventure Activities
•  The West Coast

ISSUE 21 (SPRING 2003)

•  Summer Activities: A beginners' guide
•  Whose Journeys? Conference papers in new publication
•  Karl Rohnke to visit the UK
•  From the Peaks to the Plains - The Outdoors as a Repository of Spirituality
•  Aggression and Violence in the Workplace
•  Exploring the Five Stages of Group Formation using Adventure-based Activities
•  Outdoor Experience as Artform
•  Fancy a Career doing Therapy in the Outdoors?
•  Adventure therapy: Expolring the healing potential of the outdoors
•  Aerial Manoeuvres

ISSUE 20 (WINTER 2002)

•  Young Asian Women: experiences of the Summer Activities Initiative
•  Is the Good Literature Forgotten Today? exploring where outdoor education ends and consumer training begins
•  Evolution of a Profession: the importance of education and good practice within Outward Bound
•  Women's Knees: current first aid practice from Wilderness Medical Associates (USA)
•  Duty of Care - implications for teachers/instructors/leaders and other employees working outside the main stream educational arena
•  Protection from False Allegations
•  If GPS Fails, What Should We Use?

ISSUE 19 (AUTUMN 2002)

•  Still Building Rafts, Juggling Balls and Driving Tanks?
•  The Thrill of Adventure: Worth a few Calculated Risks? outdoor liability issues
•  AALA Outdoor Liability issues comment
•  Discovery Education: a definition
•  It's 2pm on a Friday Afternoon...avoiding accusations of abuse
•  Health and Safety for Pupils on Educational Visits:HASPEV a full review of DfES documents from 1998-present day
•    Inspiration

ISSUE 18 (SUMMER 2002)
•  Risk and Adventure Education
•  Getaway Girls
•  Reviewing with Ropes
•  Learners and Learning
•  Whose Journeys? Where and Why? Conference Report
•  Safeguarding Opportunities for Young People Conference Report
•  Facilitators' Challenges and Critical Success Factors in working with SAI Groups
•  A Qualitative Investigation into the Summer Activities Initiative

ISSUE 17 (SPRING 2002)
•  Discussion...on the Role and Future of Outdoor Degree Courses
•  Doing Reflective Research - What's in it for those working in the field?
•  Pull-out - 8 pages on "Racoon Circles"
•  Summer Activities Initiative and the 2001 Pilots
•  Practice Building your own Abseil Tree
•  Social Support helps People Grow
•  Self-esteem: What it is, why it is important and implications for outdoor education
•  The Indiduation Process and the Ascent of Helvellyn

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